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  1. Avatar for Armand0 says:


    I was hoping it was made in the USA but read made in China. Let us be real about origination!

  2. Avatar for Brian Raymond Nye says:

    My brand new 2019 kamik’s said made in China? Why ??? New way of doing business lying?

  3. Avatar for Linda says:

    I was surprised to see “made in China” on the tag in my boot. Seems to be a nice boot, it would be nice to have a tab on the boots for ease in pulling them on – our weather will soon allow me to test them. Hopefully I’ll find they are well worth the $90 I spent.
    I bought from Kamik specifically due to my belief they are made in North America – now I find the statement above that 70% of the boot is made in the USA or Canada…I didn’t see the “country of origin” tab on their site which is, apparently, what the above means by >visit the “Built in USA” tab<. I searched Google for country of origin and, at a glance, saw:
    ( There is probably a Kamik Retailer near you. Let us help you find it. Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. … Country of origin. All . Made in Canada; Winter boots. )
    My 3-star rating is due to the insinuation that all their boots are made in Canada or New Hampshire.

  4. Avatar for Randall Smoot says:

    What the heck

    Just got my new in box Kamik Alborgs , and I am disappointed to see “MADE IN INDIA” right on the boots????? All I see in all the adds is “made in America or Canada” I guess someone forgot Canada is in America.

  5. Avatar for howard says:

    The Kamik insulated boot I have were made in China,what gives???

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