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Use of this website verifies your acceptance and approval of all of our “Terms and Conditions of Use” and our “Privacy Policy”.

We here at b4USA encourage you to read the rest of these Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter referred as T/C) and our Privacy Policy. When you visit the b4usa.com website you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The T/C is here for your protection and ours, there are no hidden rules or regulations that will bind you in any way to actions you do not wish to have imposed upon you. At this time you have accepted and approved our T/C, we request that you ~ENJOY~ your visit to our site.

If you promote or exploit b4usa.com and its clients in any manner inconsistent with this T/C or the Privacy Policy, we may terminate or block your access and seek any action necessary to rectify any infringement of our T/C or the Privacy Policy.

This website, www.b4usa.com is owned and operated by b4USA Inc., a registered Tennessee State, for Profit Corporation. Any and all actions, legal or otherwise taken against b4USA Inc. (hereafter referred as b4USA) shall be filed in Polk County, Tennessee located in the United States of America. Any pertinent information should be submitted by email and phone to all of our contact options listed on our Refer/Contact page.

Federal vs State “Made in USA”

When using or listing on this site, please review the Federal, State, and Local laws regarding the definition of “Made in USA” and the b4usa.com statement of meaning of the phrase.

Comments / Ratings | Refer / Contact

Approval of Comments and Ratings will be up to the website editors discretion. Any offensive language, opinions, or links will not be tolerated. Some the Comments contents may be altered for acceptance, these alterations may include, but are not limited to; comment length, or offensive wording; which will be removed. Spam, or Immoral content will not be accepted. b4USA is not an arbitrator, we ask that personal arguments or disputes are not to be left in the Comment / Ratings and Refer / Contact areas; these communications may not be accepted, and they may be forwarded to the disputed parties for review. In order to obtain resolution of a problem emails, IP addresses, and phone numbers can be revealed. Comments that are determined to be fake or not true will be removed.

User | Client | Advert

Any person who visits b4usa.com is considered a user. The user is responsible for verifying that the products and services portrayed are as represented; the post information is generally the same as that information found on related websites, or received thru correspondence; posting that information does not mean b4USA supports or states it as fact. Verification of product origin should be preformed through-out the purchasing process. The user of this site is responsible for any and all decisions and actions that they make. A check and verify intellect is required by all users. Note: A bot, spider, automatic device, algorithm or technology that acquires any information from b4USA for use other than to promote b4USA, our clients and adverts, is denied access and is not be considered a user.

Any individual, company, group, or entity and / or their representative, that remits a fee to b4USA Inc. is considered a Client. The client and b4USA has the right to terminate their business relations at any time and will not be held liable for any ramifications of such a decision. The representative of the client shall be the person that performs communication authority; an email responder, marketing representative, or phone person. If the client has a disagreement with anything posted on this website pertaining to them or their company, b4USA is to be notified in a timely manner. E-mails sent from b4USA and not responded to will be accepted as approved. If a paying client is denied exposure on the b4USA website, any fees collected will be reimbursed on a prorated basis.

Any individual, company, group or entity and / or their representative that conveys or has information posted by b4usa is considered an “Advert”. The advert can request for any posted information to be changed or deleted. b4USA reserves the right to accept or refuse any request. The advert and b4USA has the right to terminate their relations at any time and will not be held liable for any ramifications of such a decision. If the advert has a disagreement with anything posted on this website pertaining to them or their company, b4USA is to be notified in a timely manner. E-mails sent from b4USA and not timely responded to will be accepted as approved.

The client or advert cannot hold b4USA responsible for any posting errors, some of our information is supplied to us, by correspondence from clients, representatives, or media, that we may not be able to verify.
A contact/verification email is sent when information is posted or changed; no response is necessary for approval, a response is required in order to change any information after posting.

b4USA and its editors reserves the right to refuse, terminate, or suspend any services, advertisements, articles, applications (including listing requests), and or communications with any client, advent, respondent, author, or user for any reason including; spam issues, bad reviews, inappropriate or offensive conduct, improper labeling or misrepresentation, and issues not acceptable to the norms of a traditional functioning society.
Note: b4USA Inc. advocates Abrahamic Faiths and Traditional Family Values.

We value the opinions and comments of those who visit our site; all comments will be reviewed and forwarded to the offending party and no obscene or offensive media will be tolerated.

Free Listings, Advertisement Listings, Fee Based Listings, and Web Banners

 The client has a 30 day right to termination with a full refund of fees collected for advertisement or non-tangible digital services, this refund will be subject to a charge for preparation services rendered. All free or fee based account information posted is to be approved by b4USA and the client.

Free or fee based listings and banners can be denied for any reason; this includes unacceptable website content, violation of religious doctrine of others who may view this site, pornography, content not suited for children, too much foreign content in product line, missing required listing information, or any other inferences.

All listings must have a physical address, (No PO #s accepted) and phone number; only one free listing is allotted per company, group, or individual. The listing criteria is found on our Listing Info. page.An account # will not be assigned for a “Free Directory Listing”. The Free listing can be altered at anytime without approval by the advert.

The fee based account can be can be made up of several forms of advertisements, examples are on our Listing Info. page. An Account # will be assigned to any client that subscribes to a fee based advertisement listing or web banner advertisement. The client will be notified of any alteration to a fee based listing.

Image / Logo only one time fee duration: as long as the existing format of the b4usa.com website is in existence and return email is sent (see below). At this time a 150 x 150 pixel image is the allotted area for logo display. A free directory update email will be sent every two years, a return email is expected to keep logo and listing current.

At this time all billing will be processed through the U.S. mail or PayPal. Billing information must be supplied prior to posting of any fee based advertisement. Payments will be due 30 days from billing date. Billing date will be the day any listing advertisement is posted.

Copyright and other Intellectual Property Protection

b4usa.com posts will contain information from other sources, this information and media will be used for educational and promotional purposes.
You may not upload, email, post, or transmit any material or images that are on our site. All site information is protected, some by copyright and trademark, no material or images can be used without prior written permission of b4USA and a URL link is required for such use.
Any image provided by or used from a client or advert, and posted on our site can be enhanced for b4USA educational, advertisement, and promotional purposes and shall not infringe upon the clients reputation. A contact email is sent when information is posted or changed; a response is required in order to change any information after posting. No response is necessary for approval.

This site may contain copyrighted material, the copyright owner may not have given specific permission for the use of text or images; all data has been acquired and used for advancement of our nation and the information and images have been attributed to the source.
b4USA makes all material available in order to educate the world about democracy, human rights, economic, and social justice issues, and more… also the material may be used for educational purposes or news reporting. We believe this constitutes the “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.


Under no circumstances shall b4USA or its employees or representatives be held liable for any damages that may result from the clients or the users use of the b4usa.com site or its services. If any liability is determined to exist any damages due will be limited to the amount paid, if any, by the client or user to b4USA.


The T/C may be modified or changed at any time and b4USA reserves the right to do so without any notice to you, the user, the client or any of its representatives.

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