Grand Canyon North Rim

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The Grand Canyon North Rim has lodging, camping, and dining facilities; reservations are strongly recommended. Open from May 15 thru October 15. Also there is a post office, snack bar, gift shop, and general store with groceries available.

Services and Information Links

Lodging and Dining is contracted out to the concessionaire Forever Resorts visit their link for reservations & information.
Camping and Conveniences is managed by the US Government visit link for reservations & information
Park Entry Fees, Hiking, River Trips, and other activity information can be found at the National Park Service Grand Canyon link page.

Grand Canyon North Rim Pictures

San Friscisco Mts. as seen from Bright Angel Point at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Looking south from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is located in Arizona, you can see 70 miles away; on the horizon is the San Francisco Mts. and Humphreys Peak which is the highest point in AZ. The scientific community cannot seem to agree on the age of the Grand Canyon; some say 7 million years and some say 70 million years. Either way, pictures do not fully portray its perpetual beauty.

North Rim Coconino Sandstone

Coconino Sandstone cliffs are seen throughout the Grand Canyon
The white cliff layer called Coconino Sandstone can be seen surrounding the Grand Canyon. The layer varies in thickness; from 50 to 60 feet thick at the east and west ends of the canyon to over 600 feet in the middle of the park. The light colored rock reminds me of Coquina Stone, a limestone quarried in Mexico.

Angles Gate & Deva Temple

Angels Gate from North Rim of Grand Canyon
Looking from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon you see the pointed peak of Angels Gate located just behind Deva Temple and its saddle that extends to the left. To the left of Angles Gate is the western end of Wotans Throne.

Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple consumed in a cloud and Zoroaster Temple is to the right.
Brahma Temple (covered in a cloud) was named after the first of the Hindu Triad, the Supreme Creator. The peak just to the right is called Zoroaster Temple.

Grand Canyon Coyote

Grand Canyon Coyote searching for food.
On the way to Point Imperial we came upon this coyote foraging for food; it was on the move checking under every fallen limb for small rodents.

Grand Canyon North Rim Sunset

Sunset at the North Rim, Grand Canyon Lodge.
Excitement builds as the sun begins to set; many pictures are taken. As the day turns into night the festive atmosphere becomes subdued.

Walk to Bright Angle Point

Narrow asphalt foot trail out to Bright Angel Point
The walk out to Bright Angel Point takes about 15 minutes. The trail is not for those who have a fear of heights; you cross a few areas where the sides of your trail are steep sheer rock cliffs.

Grand Canyon Mule Deer

Mule Deer feeding in field.
Just before leaving the Grand Canyon North Rim area we saw Mule Deer. This Doe and her two yearlings were grazing in a field not far from the road.

Photo Recapitulation:

On a clear day you can see the San Francisco Mts. from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The scientific community may not agree on the age of the Canyon, but they cannot argue about the perpetual beauty of Gods Creation.

Included in the pictures above are Angles Gate, Deva Temple, Brahma Temple, Zoroaster Temple and the western end of Wotans Throne. Some of the photos are taken on a walk out to Bright Angel Point, where the trail is narrow and bordered by steep sheer rock cliffs.

Sunset pictures are taken from the back balcony of the North Rim Lodge, located in Grand Canyon Arizona.
Animal pics include the Coyote and Mule Deer foraging for food.

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We were inspired to produce these pages in response to the government shutdown on Oct. 1, 2013 which deprived the American people and their foreign guests access to our National Parks.

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