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13 Responses to NESCO / The Metal Ware Corporation

  1. Avatar for Mr T says:

    The problem with Nesco Products, is once you buy them and something doesn’t work, you cannot return them.
    Doing some checking around and found out that the Classic Nesco Food Dehydrator is indeed made in China. Maybe that’s probably why mine doesn’t work.

  2. Avatar for Diane Fisher says:

    Need a replacement lid

    I own a Nesco 6 quart roaster.Model:4816-47 – Serial 3 00380 05. I am looking for a replacement lid. I have owned two of these roasters and the paint on the lids has peeled off all the way are around the ledge of the lid. I prefer a glass lid if you manufacture it. I would appreciate your response to this email.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Hello Diane, We do not make the American made products found on the website directory. Please call the phone number of the company listed above.
      Have a blessed day!

  3. Avatar for Jim says:

    Look in antique store and garage sales you may find an old one like I did mine is a 1946 model roaster works like a charm was made back when we took pride in our work. Just can’t read the temp setting on the knob the paint on the numbers has worn off lid latches has a release knob still works porcelain still excellent

  4. Avatar for Jennifer says:


    We just received our food dehydrator model #fd-61. It is made in China!!! We are very disappointed in the performance, as well as the quality of the trays. We are getting a new powerhead because they think the thermostat is not working properly. Used it twice! We had borrowed our neighbor’s, which is an older model made in the USA. We loved the results we got when we used hers. Hey Nesco, bring your operation back to the USA for a good quality product.

  5. Avatar for Ron says:


    My 6 quart Nesco is less than two years old and used maybe 5 times. It’s nothing but a piece of foreign made junk. It doesn’t heat on the slow cook temperature and out in the garbage it goes. I’ll never buy Nesco again.

  6. Avatar for kathleen essoian says:

    I just called your company and I was told the roaster ovens are made in china. Is this correct, if so false advertising.

  7. Avatar for Eugenia Tkacik says:

    I have had many 6 quart roaster ovens that I have worn out . Got a new red 6 quart one a few weeks ago n used it first time today for a pork roast n when I lifted the lid the whole underneath enamel was bubbled terribly . So not happy ! Don’t know what to do with the lid for fear it will damage whatever I may cook .please help me

  8. Avatar for Linda moore says:


    This is my third Nesco 6qt. Roaster oven. I also have an 18 qt., which I use at holidays. I have used them for 20 + years. When I unpacked my new one today, there are areas inside the cook well, not the removable porcelain pan, that look damaged or where the enamel is scraped off. Also, the black rim of the cookwell looks as though it has been repainted! I plugged it in to be sure it works and it does. But, it is certainly not in the pristine condition as past ones I have purchased! It looks refurbished. First time I have been disappointed with a Nesco cooker. What to do? By the way, I use my Nesco 2-3 times a week.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      The Roaster Oven is foreign sourced! I suggest you contact NESCO directly over the phone or through their NetMail link, both can be found in the post information above.

    • Avatar for Mary says:

      Rating Is For Nesco

      I’m having a very tough time finding a Nesco roaster made in the USA. I’m a 66+ yr. old so I’ve had several Nesco Roasters which I learned about when we moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m sorry to say, I gave several away or sold them in our moving sale. My husband is a State Trooper, we’ve moved a few times. Always thought these roasters would be made here. Every American company like this that has moved production to China is now turning out grossly inferior products. Chinese workers are not paid enough to care about the quality of the products they make for the foreign market. I don’t want a “knock off” that LOOKS like a Nesco roaster but really is not.

    • Avatar for Donna says:

      This size was more practical for the RVer and was available at Camping world

      IBOUGHT A 4 qt. Nesco oven in 1989. For my Rv. IT WAS SUPER . And is still being used by my daughter in law 2-3 times a week and is still like new. I Also got one for a friend.
      And have been searching to buy a couple more for friends. It was white and rectangle.

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