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  1. Avatar for Linda moore says:


    This is my third Nesco 6qt. Roaster oven. I also have an 18 qt., which I use at holidays. I have used them for 20 + years. When I unpacked my new one today, there are areas inside the cook well, not the removable porcelain pan, that look damaged or where the enamel is scraped off. Also, the black rim of the cookwell looks as though it has been repainted! I plugged it in to be sure it works and it does. But, it is certainly not in the pristine condition as past ones I have purchased! It looks refurbished. First time I have been disappointed with a Nesco cooker. What to do? By the way, I use my Nesco 2-3 times a week.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      The Roaster Oven is foreign sourced! I suggest you contact NESCO directly over the phone or through their NetMail link, both can be found in the post information above.

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