American “Made in USA” Jobs Lost

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Recent USA Job Data:

ALL SECTORS CUTTING JOBS: Holiday Hiring, Retail, Insurance, Technology, & Financial.

MORE TENNESSEE LAYOFFS: Tennessee is one of the states most impacted.



THROUGH NOVEMBER, seasonal employers have announced 573,300 hires, the lowest total since 2013 when 518,000 seasonal hiring plans were announced.

JOB OPENINGS FELL“: For 421,000 job attached individuals no jobs were available.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports job gains occurred in health care and government; both highly subsidized by the government itself.

WARN Tracker 2024: The WARN ACT requires advance notification of plant closings and mass layoffs by employers with 100 or more employees.

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Graph showing several countries GDP to Employment relationship

The chart shows the relationship between several countries GDP and their Employment. The consumer spending habits of Americans, in the past and today, are contributing to the gains in GDP of the countries like China, India, and Brazil. Due to globalization and foreign product purchase; the expansion of these foreign countries and the environmental pollution they cause to nature is beyond our control.

Every time the American consumer buys a foreign made product they decrease our nations GDP and economic growth, help create USA job reductions and increase global pollution.

Proper management of our nations monies and resources can help preserve our earth for future generations; the 1st step needed in order to secure a sustainable world environment is to invest into our own homeland; advancing our environmental standards will encourage foreign countries to act in the same responsible manner.

When Americans do not buy American made products or services, we lose our jobs to foreign workers and domestic wages decrease. Each purchase may seem like a “drop in the bucket”, but every foreign product acquisition adds to the flood of domestic jobs to foreign countries taking US unemployment to new highs. There is a ripple effect generated when one US worker looses his job; for more information see a 2 minute video, CLICK HERE.
The blame may be passed to politicians and multinational corporations for some of our nations job losses, but when the American citizen does not even try to find compatible products in quality and price made in the country in which they reside, there will be no compromise between job creation, lower wages, and blame. The politicians will act on the issues that we the voters care about most, and the Multinational Corps. will give the consumer the products they ask for; until the people of America decide to work together and stop buying foreign product, the blame can be placed on no-one but US. A list of job reductions by foreign and domestic companies are displayed below, until we unite and change our buying habits the slow drip of job loss and wage stagnation will continue and lead us into ruin.

Note: When you find “American Made” merchandise, visit our Refer / Contact page and tell us about it so we can include the product in our Directory, this action will help keep jobs here in America and stop the globalization of our jobs.


Recovery? or Declining Labor Force!

Today the United States Labor Force Participation Rate may finally be improving; but it will take time to know for sure.
A graph showing declining USA civilian labor participation since the year 1948.


Back in 2013 the first quarter looked dim. There was no upside, unless we started to reinvest into our own manufacturing sector.
According to the Labor Department our major industries were losing jobs: “government, financial activities, manufacturing and construction and mining” are all in a three year decline. Economist Peter Gioia of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, said the jobs numbers are ‘‘pretty grim news…..
Overall it shows an economy that isn’t even in first gear right now,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s really stuck in neutral.’’

Outsourcing hurts minorities the most!

According to the Economic Policy Institute it seems as if, US wage loss is related to American consumers and corporations purchasing foreign manufactured goods. Fact is: “Minorities suffered large trade-related wage losses of $10,485 per worker in 2011” due to shift of manufacturing jobs from the US to China.
The labor force participation rate as of January 1st 2014 for “African American men fell 0.7 percentage points to 65.6 percent, the lowest on record”. Link

General Electric Co. & Globalization

Products: Appliance,Healthcare,Fuel/Energy,Entertainment,Finance

“An IER examination of federal energy grants has found that GE has received just short of $300 million in grants from 2000-2010″; instead of creating affordable energy, it looks like the money helped contribute to American unemployment.
July 25, 2011- GE a Connecticut based multinational conglomerate is investing close to 2 billion into China. They are moving their Health care X-ray division form Waukesha, Wisconsin to the Chinese capital city of Beijing. It was claimed there “won’t be any job cuts” but surly there were less jobs and unemployment increased here in America due to their investment in globalization.
December 29, 2011- “G.E.’s Factory Jobs Gain, but Wages Retreat & G.E.’s work force in America is slightly smaller than its work force overseas — 133,000 to 154,000.”
December 30, 2013- “GE’s record-high backlog stands near $230 billion. Accountants define backlog as orders committed, but not yet delivered.”
September 28, 2015- “GE Power & Water plans to stop manufacturing gas engines in Waukesha, Wisconsin and open a new facility to build engines in Canada.” GE will invest $265 million in Canada unless the corporation gets more subsidies from the US taxpayer through re authorization of the Export-Import Bank, that “finances and insures foreign purchases of United States goods for customers unable or unwilling to accept credit risk“.

2013 Manufacturers Saw Weakening
Not Strengthening

“Manufacturers appear to be bearing the brunt of the global economic slowdown, which has cut into export growth. Employment also fell at railroads, trucking firms, shipping firms and at warehousing and storage businesses. Combined, these firms lost 4,000 jobs in May. And in June of 2013 Manufacturing Lost 6,000 Jobs.
The monthly job loss has accumulated to 3.2 million jobs that have been eliminated during the period of 2001 to 2013.

Globalization and Automation

“The cross-section of Americans which used to be middle class,…are increasingly disposable, easily cast aside when not needed.” “American workers’ story is bleak”
A decrease in wages and fewer jobs for high school graduates (“Three in 10 are jobless”) is just another reason we need to support America and purchase US made products. The young people of this nation have been neglected by our foreign spending habits. Unemployment and low pay are the result of a world market state of equilibrium, where as we purchase foreign goods the production methods and wages are transferred from our domestic economy to foreign countries.

“What does America make?”

SNL performs a skit making jest of the flaws of the new iPhone 5, the “peasant labor” making our products, and “What does America Make?”. The oppressed freedoms and living conditions of those in China are highlighted in the witty Saturday Night Live performance.
Everyday American citizens purchase toys form “Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, and RC2” and electronics from “AT&T, Motorola, and retail giant Walmart”. These and many other companies produce products in foreign countries contributing to peasant labor wages, crowded sleeping quarters, bed bugs, lice, inadequate food and life threatening situations (all referred to in the skit). Note the original skit link: has been removed.

Today, Bangladesh has been labeled to become the next China with estimated garment exports to reach approx. 54 billion dollars by the year 2020. Apparel “factories churn out clothing for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Calvin Klein and H&M; having the lowest labor costs in the world, with the minimum wage for garment workers set at roughly less than $100 a month”. Link to Article
Lost American Jobs, Low wages, oppressed freedoms, and poor living conditions are all consequences of buying foreign made products.

b4USA | Christmas | Help decrease destructive foreign product dependency.

In June of 2019 some American consumers looked forward to a Christmas season with a mindset of buying US made products for their friends and family. Most of the USA economic indicators looked bleak, by mid April of 2020 there was a light starting to shimmer; we began to see a Decreasing Deficit and our trade deficit with China was actually starting to decrease with the Coronavirus Outbreak and US corporations and citizens not trusting the way it has been managed in the communist country. In September of 2020 there are conflicting signs of debt, our deficit seems to be decreasing even faster most likely due to we are not purchasing oil from foreign countries but the deficit with China is now increasing.
See Debt Clock (Trade Balance)

1.2 Million Jobs lost from June to July 2012

According to Jacob Goldstien, over at NPR at the Planet Money website “Everyone (including us) is saying this morning that the U.S. economy gained 163,000 jobs last month. Strictly speaking, this is a lie. In fact, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 million jobs last month. There were 134.1 million jobs in June, and 132.9 million jobs in July.”

Low Wages / Inflationary Doldrums

Competition with foreign manufacturers and “billions of workers in China, India, Eastern Europe and elsewhere” is keeping US manufacturing wages low.
As US manufacturing jobs start to return and the people on unemployment get back in the workforce; the new hire starting wages are lower than in previous years and the hourly pay is not keeping up with inflation. The purchase of made in USA product can help keep our jobs, and keep average paychecks in balance with inflation.

American Taxpayer Subsidized Job Loss

The Heritage Network reports on new revelations concerning Solyndra.

American Jobs are important and promoting the companies that produce American made products are essential, but taking other peoples money (the US taxpayer) and spending it on subsidies can create severe consequences.
The half a billion wasted could have been used to support over 4,000 American private sector jobs (see link above), if left in the pockets of those who earned the money; the monies would have been distributed more evenly through-out our country.

Aerospace Industries Assoc.

Government “Red Tape” & over complicated export regulations on satellite technology,
responsible for 270,000 jobs lost in the last 10 years.

“Mandates, which require companies go through a lengthy and restrictive licensing process to sell their goods to foreign buyers, cost U.S. satellite manufacturers $20.8 billion in revenue and 27,000 jobs annually between 1999 and 2009”.See article here.

Imported Christmas

New American Addiction; Dependency on foreign products

The cyber and physical Christmas shopping season has negated, “any gains in America’s output” for 2011. Most of the retail gifts this year were bought from foreign countries with borrowed money. The habit of buying imported merchandise and spending money on credit has been detrimental to the American job base and helped to increase credit card debt to almost $1,000,000,000,000.00 (one trillion dollars). The “US can’t afford high cost of low-priced Christmas gifts made in China”.

Economic Policy Institute

“Growing U.S. trade deficit with China cost 2.8 million jobs between 2001 and 2010”

“Eliminated or Displaced 2,790,100 jobs” The study says 2.8 million jobs nationwide were lost because of Chinese policies since China entered the World Trade Organization.


“Solyndra, California Solar Company Touted As Model Of Green Economy, Will File For Chapter 11.”

Approx. 1,100 Jobs Lost.“Among the challenges that doomed Solyndra: Low-cost Chinese manufacturers backed by large subsidies from the government are building massive factories that have rapidly driven down the price of solar panels and shifted more than 50 percent of production to China.” See article here.

Bosch China headquarters in Shanghai

New China plant: Construction work to start in 2014, completed in 2015.

Thousands of jobs will be lost and wages will stagnate as the American people keep buying products from the multinational corps., that hire workers in Foreign Countries.


NIBISCO is owned by Mondelez International, Inc.

Approx. 600 Jobs Lost in Fair Lawn, NJ, When manufacturing declines and US made product is not made available, there will be devastating consequences for American workers and their family’s: “According to Mondelez, the three unions representing the workers made demands that could not be satisfied.”

Modesto, California

“Modesto is a community dedicated to growth, progress and the quality of community life.”

Over 4500 retail Jobs have been lost since 2006. Based on a data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; in June 2011 Modesto had 18,500 Retail Jobs down 17.78% from 2006. See a Chart Here.

ConAgra Foods

Products: Brands of Commercial and Consumer Foods also Quality Grain Ingredients

1500 jobs The jobs being eliminated are primarily redundant positions or jobs that will be outsourced, ConAgra said. Their headquarters are located in Chicago, IL. Link to Article

Stanley Black & Decker a US Corporation

Products: Tools and Storage, Security, and Industrial

159 employees lost their jobs and wages to Mexico by 4th qtr. 2012. Baldwin Hardware Corp. plant purchased by Stanly Black & Decker is closing in Reading located in Berks County, PA. Link to copy of Article

Unilever a British-Dutch Multinational Corporation.

Products: Food, Home, Personal, Nutrition, Health

184 employees jobs will be affected as production is shifted to other company plants. Over regulation is blamed; corporate tax surcharges and new mandates such as paid sick leave are making it hard for the manufacturers in Connecticut to stay in business. Unilever is a multinational corporation, they have plants worldwide. Link to Article

Link below: for more Job / Layoff loss information.

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    Your diogram very eloquently shows all the data that I was interested in and useful for my work.

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    I just found your website this morning while searching for a toaster made in America. Hard to find, which makes me so sad. America used to be a great nation. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but we’re being sold out by the greedy, evil people who run this world. Most Americans are clueless as to what’s really going on, which is even sadder. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate what you’re doing!

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      Made In America is always better!

      I buy made in America merchandise from home furnishing to appliances to just about everything. It’s cost a lot more to purchase but in a small way I’m keeping our economy better.

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    With the U.S. in its’ depleted and bleak economic condition and more and more folks becoming poor; how do you convince THEM to buy American when they can get the foreign made goods much cheaper. It is a Catch-22 isn’t it? I feel it is…but if mass purchasing of foreign made goods does NOT stop, our economic situation will never recover.

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    So, we’re talking about American jobs, right? Who proofread this column? I quote:

    “When Americans do not buy American, we loose our jobs to foreign interests and our wages decrease.”

    I understand that word processing programs come with spell check, etc., but I’d like to point out that an American job has been lost because of your gross spelling error.

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      Edward, thanks for your critique. I have corrected the grammar error and appreciate you taking the time to let me know that lose was misspelled. Fortunately no US jobs were lost in this process, for I was the American who wrote, spell checked, and edited this page;)… I just had to contribute some free overtime!

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