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Over 1,115 people killed and 2,500 injured.
Women and children majority of death toll.
Where are your clothes made? Are consumers to blame?

The International Labor Rights Forum has reported that of the 4,200 garment factories in Bangladesh which employ 3.4 million people, only 194 factories are certified safe by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). One of those Bangladesh Clothing factories that was not certified the Rana Plaza, has collapsed and some factory managers appear to be linked to forcing their workers to come to work (threatening to withhold a months pay) even when inspectors had discovered cracks in the building before the disaster.

The Clothing brands and retailers linked with this Bangladesh fashion tragedy are the Benetton Group, Bonmarché, Cato, DressBarn, Joe Fresh, Mango, Matalan, Monsoon, Primark, The Children’s Place, and Walmart. These companies and apparel brands has earned billions from Bangladeshi cheap foreign fashion labor.

The Rana Plaza clothing factory casualty toll is just another of the many reasons why we should buy USA made products.

Slavery in the world today! “About 40 million people are currently living as slaves—more than at any other time in history—and that is a conservative estimate,” said Mette Hoffmann Meyer

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