Grand Canyon South Rim

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The Grand Canyon South Rim has lodging, camping, and dining facilities; reservations are strongly recommended during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also there is a post office, snack bar, gift shop, and general store with groceries available.

Services and Information Links

Lodging and Dining is contracted out to the concessionaire Xanterra Parks and Resorts visit their link for reservations & information.
Camping and Conveniences is managed by the US Government visit link for reservations & information.
Park Entry Fees, Hiking, River Trips, and other activity information can be found at the National Park Service Grand Canyon link page.

Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon Railway train.Pleasurable entertainment and ride to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

You can drive your car to the Grand Canyon or take a train. After three days of travel from Delano TN to Williams AZ, we took the Grand Canyon Railway train to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a relaxing rainy day, we met several good people and had a great time!

Grand Canyon Pictures

A view of various rock and color from a cliff at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
A first look from the edge, down into the Grand Canyon; words and pictures cannot describe the sensation.

Shades of Light

View of South Rim of Grand Canyon with rainy weather moving in.
The vast expanse, different weather patterns, and shades of light are overwhelming.

Tonto Platform

Various multicolored landscapes, mostly due to different rock and mineral content.
The reddish Colorado River is muddy due to rain, and the green color of the Tonto Platform is made up of vegetation and the iron potassium phyllosilicate mineral Glauconite; a low weathering resistance mica.

Condor in flight

A Condor in flight above the Grand Canyon.
As a rain storm starts to move in from the southwest, I got this photo of a Condor in flight.

Mohave Point Alligator

Grand Canyon stone alligator.
Image taken at Mohave Point is called the Alligator. It is ironic that evidence of the first land plants and fossilized footprints of amphibians and reptiles are found buried in the reddish Supai Group rock layer which makes up the formation.

Natural Seven

Grand Canyon 7
Grand Canyon visitors have recently found a fresh geological mass wasting event which has produced the number seven. God Tattoos his Canyon as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Isis Temple

View of Isis Temple Grand Canyon from Hopi Point.
A view of Isis Temple from Hopi Point. Many of the prominent high places of the Canyon are named after Oriental, Hindu, Arthurian, Roman and Native Indian; peoples, mythologies, legends, and Gods.

Tarptent in Grand Canyon

StratoSpire 2 on Horseshoe Mesa, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ


A USA made StratoSpire 2 Tarptent Ultralight Shelter is set up on top of the Horseshoe Mesa. The Mesa which extends out into the Canyon can be accessed from the Grandview Trailhead, a hiking trail located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Canyon Weather Changes Fast

Cloudy and rainy day at the Grand Canyon.
The weather in the Canyon changed quickly, the dark clouds and rain took away the view. A foreboding example how our US government shutdown deprived the people, of the nature around them on Oct. 1st 2013.

Grand Canyon South Rim Rainbow

Grand Canyon Rainbow
The Rainbow, reaching from the rim out into the Grand Canyon, always gives promise of better days ahead. This Grand Canyon rainbow photo was taken while standing at the El Tovar, Battleship Point is the red rock formation to the left.
(Photo courtesy of Caleb Shea)

Photo Recapitulation:

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon located in Arizona, can be reached by car or train; we took the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams AZ. It was a relaxing ride, the trip and canyon visit took all day. The railway also has several day excursions.

When we 1st got to the Canyon Rim the view was overwhelming; they say a picture is worth 1000 words, but no picture can describe the sensation of looking across the vast expanse and seeing the various colors, formations, and weather patterns.

After an extended period of rain you can see the light red muddy Colorado River. The Tonto Platform includes the green colored mineral Glauconite along with the vegetation. The canyon walls have various colors of white to yellow, red to orange, and green to a blue hue; intermingling and enhanced by the ever changing clouds and sunlight from above.

Grand Canyon visitors have recently found a fresh geological mass wasting event which has produced the Number Seven, named by tour guides “The Natural Seven” or the “Grand Canyon 7”. I guess the creator had to verify its significance as one of the 7 wonders of the world!
Many of the rock formations have been named after Oriental, Hindu, Arthurian, Roman and Native Indian; peoples, mythologies, legends, and Gods. There is an image of the Isis Temple above.

Also included in the photos is a flying condor, the alligator formation, and a beautiful Grand Canyon rainbow near Battleship Point.

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We were inspired to produce these pages in response to the government shutdown on Oct. 1, 2013 which deprived the American people and their foreign guests access to our National Parks.

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