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b4usa.com is a Made in America and US business listing directory. Daily we help world consumers find made in the USA products and services from a diversified group of American product manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers. b4USA is dedicated to the promotion of US businesses that invest in human capital and contribute to the “American Made” process.

We combine SEO friendly US advertising with American product knowledge; the advertisement ads encourage the site visitor to purchase not only the US made product they are looking for, but desire other Made in USA products thru-out their research and purchase process. All b4usa.com advertisements are USA made ads of American made products and services. Along with paid advertisements we offer free listings.

As part of the “Search America 1st” process: You can feel free to visit (click on) our featured American advertisers; b4USA Ads and promotional listings are not pay per click (PPC); therefore no unethical click fraud can take place. Please enter a search (keyword) in our search box above, or browse and click on our categories and banners on the right side of each page. Before you leave our site, visit the other information pages in our above tabs area.
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16 Responses to b4USA / Home

  1. Avatar for Anonymous says:

    Cutting-Edge Information

  2. Avatar for azhar says:



    anyone can help me how to listed my company on this website?

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Hello Azhar,
      Just visit/click on the Listing Info. menu tab. Then you can fill out and send the appropriate needed information; we have free listings available!

  3. We are fascinated and support this site!

    Our tables are American Manufactured. Please Check us out!We support also this site for good marketing.

  4. Awesome site - thank you

    Love your site – thank you.

    We love selling American Made products – excited to share our handmade logo mugs for businesses with your visitors!

  5. Avatar for Jayne Pandy says:

    Put my money where my mouth is

    I wanted to put my money where my mouth is — buy American. I found the only Made in the USA toasters on your site. I bought one today! Yes, it is ten times the price of one in my local stores and yes, I bought it. It will last ten times as long. I could not find an American iron a couple years back.
    I have bookmarked your site and I will use it going forward.
    Jayne Pandyu

  6. Avatar for Lori says:

    I just wanted to say I’ve never seen such an amazing website ever. Whoever put this together has an incredible passion for our country and for life. It’s so nice to see “Made in America”. I work for a company that manufactures right here in America as well. Thanks and may life continue to treat you well.

  7. Avatar for Jacques Ahouansou says:

    This is a wonderful website. Currently in retirement, I have set up an export company to promote the sale of American-made products in Africa.

    Basically, I look for importers interested in buying American-made products and connect them to the US manufacturers of the products that they need. The goal is to make U.S. small and medium-scale manufacturers expand their markets to Africa, thus increasing sales. And this why I find your website very handy and very useful for my business.

    I encourage U.S. small and medium manufacturers to contact me if they are looking into expanding their sales to emerging markets in Africa.

    Thank you for putting out this great website.

  8. Avatar for lets gift says:

    Outstanding…!!! Very useful details… Perfect..!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar for steve allen says:

    This site does, just like the rest of the sites do when you ask for a list of a product. I have tried for 2 hours to find a listing for wood stoves made in America. If they were made in any other country , it would list it. You only gave me one listing. If you want to help our country, and do some home work and list all the American companies that make a particular product not just the 1 or 2 or the most expensive ones all of them. Its shameful you can’t ask for a list of USA made for a particular product and get just that, rather than a half- attempt like you and the rest of the sites like this one make.
    Note: Due to the fact children under 13 visit our website; some content has been removed and edited from this comment by the administrator.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      I am sorry you are disappointed upon receiving a result with only two listings which refer to the “wood stove” search. http://www.b4usa.com/?s=wood+stove&x=0&y=0
      b4USA has tried to fulfill all types of US made product and company service search requests since 2004. I hope you can understand this is a time consuming process and listing this information is also costly; server time, software, and developer fees, (just to mention a few of the expenses).
      Thank you for your support of the American made process; and let us know where you find your searched for USA made product.
      Have a good day!
      Steve Moss

    • Avatar for martin O'Brien says:

      Desperate , to find a plastic manufacturing company to make my “patent pending” item. Two weeks searching only , every time diverted to china.

  10. Avatar for Ramon Caluttung says:

    Myself and friends enjoy carpentry works and tile installation and would appreciate it very much to know brand names of various home(carpentry, etc.) and gardening tools, electronics, appliances, etc., that are made in North America.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      Visit our categories area located in the right side bar of most of our pages; there you can find all types of gardening tools, electronics and appliances that are made here in the USA.

  11. Avatar for Johnny Bartlow says:

    What a great American experience! Your tabs are very informational and I appreciate the links to so many different US advertisements. I was searching for a tent and found many choices; if your company could just find me a big screen TV for a cheap price that is made in the USA.

  12. Avatar for stanvac says:

    Its great !!!!

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