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Why Buy American Products?

Promotion of Freedom, A stronger Economy, Better Environment, More Jobs; these are just a few of the reasons to buy American made products.

Provident Management of American Resources can help Preserve the Greatest Nation in the world.

If you look at the big picture, the United States of America is in its infant stage of existence; it was just over 233 years ago George Washington spoke about how our nation should live and adhere to the “Eternal Rules of Order and Right”. These ethics are still prevalent in our country today. If the mindset of US product purchasing is restored and ecological domestic manufacturing is attained, we can return to a strong, robust, and secure free enterprise economy, creating more American jobs while leading the world to a pollution free environment.

Environmental Issues

The outsourcing of jobs and debt is causing damage to the American way of life and our environment; government trading regulations with developing countries has helped to create run away chemical, waste, and air pollution in foreign nations. A resurgence of American product acquisition should be accompanied by the Eco-friendly renewal of US made product production. These two courses of action must be bound in order to help sustain humankind.

Pictured below is the star forming NGC 3603 Nebula, it is found in the Carina Spiral arm of our Milky Way Galaxy and is located about 20,000 light years from planet earth. As you look at the vibrant young stars, realize they have a common gravitational attraction which keeps them bound to each other.

“We the People” are also bound by the American Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and our actions. “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”. The “Provident Management” of our “Resources” and how each person takes “Individual Control” of their expenditures secures these rights. Americans should look out for the best interests of their family and fellow citizens, Financial Responsibility is the process; “Search America 1st” and control how your money is spent.

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Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage

We as well, are connected to the “Ordained” (superior authority) of “Heaven” and the basic rules of order which bind us to our obligations; becoming an “Earthly Steward” of our “Environment” and keeping “Freedoms”: “Freedom of Worship” and “Freedom of the Press” preserved.
Why buy American? The purchase of foreign products can contribute to the demise of our cherished American values and “Independence”, and delay the advancement of “Human Rights” and Civil Liberties through out the world.

“These principles form the bright constellation, which has gone before us and guided our steps through an age of revolution and reformation…..freedom of religion; freedom of the press; and freedom of person, under the protection of the Habeas Corpus:—and trial by juries impartially selected.”

~Thomas Jefferson~

First Inaugural Address: The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 33: 17 February to 30 April 1801
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What Americans spend money on makes a difference!

Where buy American made in USA products

Is it right to purchase products from the countries that oppress their people? Is it “Green” to get a product from a foreign land, just because the cost is less? Are those who make the products we buy, paid fairly for their labor? Is lead in our childrens toys OK?

When a product fails, are the worlds resources wasted more; when a product is replaced by one that will wear out quicker?

b4USA can and will, help u help us help USA. Conservation and better management of our expenditures can help US, and help the rest of the world, become a better place.

Link to the Why Buy USA page

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  1. Avatar for Marie and Gary Brain says:

    Buy USA!

    So inspiring. We need more companies like this. This blessed country is in our hands to protect and prosper.

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    Please be careful. Only buy ” made in the “USA”. Not just America. Many Americas.

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    Thanks for the in site and education.

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