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6 Responses to Bell Helmets / BRG Sports

  1. Avatar for Steven Simeone says:

    I have a bell R/T #4929957 was looking 4 new padding bought app.1980

    Will not buy unless made in the USA

    • Avatar for Mark says:

      I’ve not been riding for a while and I’m currently shopping for a good bicycle helmet made in USA cost doesn’t matter. Safety does!
      Any recommendations will be very appreciated

    • Avatar for phil hitchen says:

      hi steven, did you have any succ ess getting your bell helmet re-padded
      i have a 1979 bell star xf-gp twin window which the padding has de-graded and would like to have it replaced can you advise
      yours in sport
      Phil Hitchen (France)

      • Avatar for Grumpy says:

        Velcro is a quick and easy fix.

        If your padding is attached inside the helmet by Velcro, then get some Velcro and a piece of leather. Check the Velcro to see which side you need to attach to the Velcro inside the helmet. Fit and glue the leather to that Velcro and let it dry about 24hrs.

  2. Avatar for Mark Berg says:

    worem for 60 years, no more

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