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5 Responses to Bell Helmets / BRG Sports

  1. Avatar for Steven Simeone says:

    I have a bell R/T #4929957 was looking 4 new padding bought app.1980

    Will not buy unless made in the USA

    • Avatar for Mark says:

      I’ve not been riding for a while and I’m currently shopping for a good bicycle helmet made in USA cost doesn’t matter. Safety does!
      Any recommendations will be very appreciated

    • Avatar for phil hitchen says:

      hi steven, did you have any succ ess getting your bell helmet re-padded
      i have a 1979 bell star xf-gp twin window which the padding has de-graded and would like to have it replaced can you advise
      yours in sport
      Phil Hitchen (France)

  2. Avatar for Mark Berg says:

    worem for 60 years, no more

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