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  1. Avatar for Donnie Paul says:

    Hello William,
    My name is Donnie Paul president of Cougar Claw Tree Stands
    I am sorry but the closest dealer to Birmingham is going to be Bennett’s Archery in Wetumpka Al. 334-514-1286. We would be glad to ship you one and if you are not completely satisfied for any reason within 30 days we will refund 100% cost and freight to and from.

  2. Avatar for Jed hughes says:

    I used a stand a buddy of mine had last yr and really liked the way it dug into the tree and now that iv seen the new adjustable stand I really would like to try one it was a very gud experience for me and would like to hav one if I could find a price or get info on the different stand y’all make and how I could purchase one that would b great. Iv only used ole man tree stands but iv only been hunting for two yrs. my wife has been sick for 8 yrs. and The Lord gave me hunting to help me deal with the stress of all that and help me b able to spend more quality time with my son witch is 8 I started hunting I was 280 lbs the first bow hunt me and him took a 100 lbs spike hehe shot it for a doe but anyway after I had to drag the thing out of a 150 yrd. Haller as I was laying down I realized i need to lose a little weight so iv lost 80 lbs and now I don’t worry about them deer running I welcome it lol. I love now hunting and I like the fact that the stand is an American made product I’m from Tuscaloosa Al. And I hunt the oakmulgee and national forest area and hav now taken 4 deer so I feel like iv done something right well I know iv spent a lot of time n learning I had a late start I’m 42 yrs old so I guess with age come knowledge and I believe y’all got a gud product and really wish I had one to start the season so thanks for herring me out.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Jed, When you visit the Cougar Claw website (click on red Website link above), then click on the Tree Stands tab at the top of their page. They have several Climbing Tree Stands available; you may wish to purchase the Cougar’s Super Sport Bubba with the Leveling System, it can hold up to 300 lbs. I will pray for your wife, good luck hunting with your son, deer meat is the best!

  3. Avatar for William Cassidy says:

    I am looking for a cougar claw dist. in the birmingham area.

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