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  1. Avatar for Kyle Johnson says:

    New F150 Interstate Battery was Made in China

    My local repair shop just replaced my original, 6 year old Motorcraft battery that was US made with a top of the line Interstate battery. The original hadn’t failed, I was just concerned about it from an age standpoint going into winter. I was very disappointed to see a little round white sticker on top of the battery that said “Made in China.” Had I known that, I would have gotten the battery elsewhere.

  2. Avatar for Greg Miller says:

    Made in Mexico?

    I have an Interstate battery in my SUV and it says “Made in Mexico” I was truly saddened by this.

  3. Avatar for charles comeau says:

    i need a battery for my harley w g 2003 that made in u s

  4. Avatar for Scott Haas says:

    Slow to restock

    March 2020 , the new 18 month old Interstate AGM battery I put in my Jeep failed. Took it back to the Interstate store I got it at and their test machine confirmed. They will get a warranty replacement. But they didn’t have one it stock and say it could be a week before they get one in.

  5. Avatar for Lynn says:

    Your tv ad

    I simply want to applaud you for this most recent ad I saw today on FNC. “Love all around”, and all the hearts working their magic. SO refreshing.
    I rarely watch Fox News ‘cept Sunday’s when there’s some sort of sanity to their programming, and some eves to see what the “competition” is up to. So I really hope you air your ad on all major networks if possible.
    There’s no mayhem, belittling, spite or malice in your ad.
    My son told me years ago to buy interstate: best batteries. (He’s a self employed mechanic) Thanks!!!

  6. Avatar for Will Thomas says:

    Lithium Batteries For PLCs Are they USA made?

    The Small lithium type batteries. Are they also manufactured in the USA?
    We use the Fedco brand and they are assembled in the USA. Not really sure where the actual batteries themselves are made. I was under the impression that there are not any US made lithium batteries. We use for our Allen Bradley PLC lithium type. They have a small set of wires with a connector attached.

  7. Avatar for Lee Matthews says:

    Source of Interstate small battery line?

    I’m a retired broadcaster but started out working on submarine batteries (PSNS) and maintained a photovoltaic system for 15 years – not an engineer, just ample experience with batteries and electronics.

    My vehicle batteries tend to last 10 years and I have a 13-year-old set of Power-Sonic AGMs (electric mower) that still hold a charge of 12.9V. Got lucky.

    I need to replace my 8-year-old EverStart U1P-7 battery, which was manufactured by Exide for Wal-Mart, but has been supplied by Johnson Controls since 2010.

    I won’t be purchasing the Johnson Controls version simply because the reviews for post 2010 EverStart, Duralast and Interstate lawn and garden batteries are terrible while pre 2010 (Exide) reviews are sterling.

    I’m curious: since Interstate power sports batteries are made in Mexico I wonder if the entire Johnson Controls small battery line is made there, too.

    • Avatar for Ric young says:

      Interstate Battery Review

      I have used Interstate Batteries for a number of years with outstanding service.I maintained my Batteries as instructed.I think most people with Battery problems do not follow maintenance Instuctions which results in failure of their Battery!

    • Avatar for Don says:

      Crap! 0 stars

      There crap, just get crown batteries, spent $1500.00 Mexican made interstates multiple applications. All failed with in 6 months. Will not warranty.

  8. Avatar for George says:

    Interstate Mexico

    I just bought an Interstate battery today for my Tundra sticker on top says Made in Mexico

  9. Avatar for ben says:

    Please assist on this inquiry below: AGM Battery
    12v 100AH
    12v 150AH
    12v 200AH
    12v 250AH

    kindly let US know the types you have and their prices,

  10. Avatar for norris thompson says:

    Worthless pile of crap--save your money

    In January of 2016 , I had an InterState battery installed by my lawnmower repair service. Today,March 26, I had to replace it with a new one from O’Reilly Auto. By my calendar that is a whopping two months.
    My lot is one acre of bermuda and st. augustine grass and when it needs to be cut there is no negotiating with my lawn–it always wins. If this is the quality of product from Interstate Batteries, nobody should buy this battery under any circumstances. Do not buy Inter State products. I won’t.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      You may wish to contact Interstate Battery customer service for a new battery. Also you may have a short in your electrical system that drained the battery of its power.

    • Avatar for allen hall says:

      most lawn mower batterys you buy today you will get a year out of them. 1 -1/2 2 yrs would be a miracle. auto batterys 2 1/2- 3 yrs and there done just the way it is anymore

  11. Avatar for Bob Greene says:

    Sick of foreign junk passed off as USA made.

    I think it is a darn shame that we as American consumers must go through this hassle to find real USA made products. I just had a lantern battery leak and probably ruin my light and guess where the Energizer battery was and still is made … CHINA ! I’m sick of it; does it take Donald Trump to fix this ??

  12. Avatar for Bill says:

    i have inquired as to where interstate batteries are made and the only answer I could get out of Johnson Controls was “ask your distributor”.
    If they were truly “made in U.S.A., why is there such a hard time finding out Where In the U.S.A. The manufacturing plant is located? And… Why don’t the labels on the batteries themselves say “made in U.S.A, ? Also, I did ask my distributor and was told he did not know where the manufacturing plants are but was told by Johnson Controls tell your dealers they are made in U.S.A..
    Why the secrecy? I’d be proud to display the “made in U.S.A.” Lable!

    • Avatar for ED Andrews says:

      I agree. It’s a shame. Here’ a quote from Google search ” The actual origin of the manufacturing process for Interstate Batteries is vague ” . No where on these batteries is there the usual proud stamp ” Made in USA “. So there you (don’t) have it !

  13. Avatar for darrell says:

    Look at the Interstate label. It reads ‘distributed by interstate battery, dallas texas’ not made in dallas, thats just ehere their corp. offices are. If it’s made in america, it will say so! Interstate is made by johnson controls in mexico. That is why there there is no ‘made in USA’ on their battery. whoever you talked to you lied. I’m in the battery mfg. business and those are just the facts, plain and simple.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:


      I am sorry, for your confusion on the matter of where the Interstate Batteries are made. As stated on the above post; the Automobile Battery, Commercial Truck Battery, Automotive Batteries, Small Engine / Lawn Mower Battery is US made.

      After contacting the Interstate Battery customer service reps. I received this message:
      Thank you for contacting Interstate Batteries. With the exception of the power sport batteries (motorcycle, jet skis, ATV’s, etc) the automotive batteries are made in the USA. Please let me know if you need any further information.

      Thank you,
      Consumer Customer Service Specialist
      Interstate Batteries, Inc.

      Steve M (b4USA Rep)

  14. Avatar for Brad Swenson says:

    All the Interstate batteries that I see for sale are made in MEXICO!!!

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Which batteries are you looking at; according to Interstate “approximately 98% of the automotive batteries Interstate sells are made in the USA”.
      Steve Moss

      • Avatar for mark says:

        All the ones sold in the US are made in Mexico and have been since Interstate was bought out by Johnson controls.

        • Avatar for stevemoss says:

          Where did you get this false information?
          Just called Johnson Controls Battery Division, Andy told me that all of the batteries except the OPTIMA® AGM are made in the USA.

      • Avatar for Dean says:

        Interstate Deep Cycle Marine line are built in Mexico.
        Most of the automotive line appears to be Mexican manufactured, with a few Lawn & Garden models trickling in from Columbia.
        The latest run of H series ( H6, H7, H8 ) automotive batteries seem to be re-badged EXIDE product, likely assembled in a communist re-education camp somewhere, for all I know.

  15. Avatar for Ray says:

    I accidentally registered a satisfaction rating of 6 and it should be a 10. I’ve placed Interstate Batteries in my family vehicles for over 12 years and I’ve come to rely on the reliability of automotive Interstate Batteries. I’d rather have a battery that will do what it’s supposed to do for it’s rated lifetime without failing than own one that’s guaranteed and repeatedly fails. I have friends who buy Wal-Mart batteries because they say they never last but they’re still in warranty. They continually get a new battery BUT they’re continually getting stranded. I don’t want to be stranded somewhere for any reason! I’ve only had one Interstate Battery fail and it was easily replaced. The warranty was honored without hassle. 10 stars!

  16. Avatar for Cleveland Battery says:

    Cleveland Battery features Interstate Batteries. Drop by and we will test your battery and alternator at no charge. We carry auto, marine, water sport, alarm system, heavy equipment and other battery applications as well. Our business hours are 8:00-6:00 Mon-Fri and 8:00-12:00 on Saturday. We also buy junk batteries for proper recycling.

  17. Avatar for Paul van Blom says:

    My suggestion to Interstate is; Do the same thing Sears did, Have Odyssey Build a line of AGM batteries and sell them for $19.00 less than Sears.
    I feel this is imperative for your future survival now that everyone is talking about AGM superiority over other types.


    Paul van Blom

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