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10 Responses to Wix Filtration Products

  1. Avatar for Bob says:


    They are junk and most made in China. The inside of the filter use to have a coil spring and now has a thin piece of memory tin made to act like a spring. The cheap $3 supertech had more USA filters than wix and same quality.

  2. Avatar for Randy says:

    Wix gone to crap.

    Sad to read this. I worked at Wix plant in OKC when it was owned by Dana corp. Every air filter was made there. Yes there were plants in mexico canada and china but they were for foreign markets only except for Canada. Sad to see a good company go to shit.

  3. Avatar for John Mayer says:

    step away from china

    will not buy your made in china filters
    I have 12 cars ands trucks

  4. Avatar for Ronnie Maddron says:

    I think American manufactures profits are so much more on imported products that they have no interest in bring jobs back to the U.S.

    I use Wix 57148 on my Harley, last couple I bought said “made in Mexico” but retained an American made price. So, looking for a American made Harley oil filter but one that’s not plagued with advertising hype.

  5. Avatar for j cat says:

    wix oil filters now china do not buy !!!!

    wix XP was my recommended oil filter . more than 2 yrs ago. last year the XP $11 fillters are defective. oil seal leaked on one the other a 93MM size did not fit the socket 93MM but the old oil filter did. wix does not have the proper help with these type issues …

    since I found they lied to me last year telling me these are made in Carolina and now china IMO do not buy ……….. my 1ST choice now is purolator pure one made in the USA…

  6. Avatar for Paul V says:

    WIX Made in China

    Was looking at my WIX 57047 oil filter box and it says “Contents Made in China”
    I don’t believe I will continue to spend the extra 25-30% for WIX filters anymore.
    So disappointed as I have been buying them for many years under the impression they were made in USA.

  7. Avatar for Richard J. Vonder Meulen says:

    Wix air filter no 46117 for my ’99 S-10 is made in China. A Fram tough guard equiv. is US made. is Wix selling out on the United States?

    • Avatar for George M Bailey says:

      Yes to your answer. Wix is selling out for the profit. cheaper labor! Chinese products just are really hard to complain about, hard to argue about, well done communist supervised slave people. If they do poor at the job they are disposed of. Now that is motivating. But I am glad I am not living in China!

  8. Avatar for layosa s.a. says:

    necesitamos filtros der aceite de buena calidad que duren 10.000 kilometros para usarlos con aceite sinteticos

    Translation: We need good quality oil filters that will last 10,000 miles for use with synthetic oil.

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