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4 Responses to Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

  1. Avatar for Jim Mcconn says:

    Leviton = China

    Just left HD In need of gfic breaker. Regardless of what is said on line all Leviton breakers say ‘ made in China” on the box. Went to Lowe’s where all Eaton breakers are also made in China.
    I’d rather be electrocuted

  2. Avatar for Joe says:

    Hate to write this, but there isn’t a any USA made Leviton Receptacles that are 100% USA made anymore. For several years I presume, these have been made in USA of global components. Aside from Hubbel with their “Buy American compliant” partially USA made and or assembled here receptacles , Leviton is the only other manufacturer that still at least partially manufacturers receptacles anymore.

    Not sure if Eagle even manufactures receptacles anymore, even though they did 30-40 years ago. Even if they do, I doubt they are 100% USA made anymore either.

  3. Avatar for stevemoss says:

    A. Roy,
    I do not know how the Motion Detectors work. Please visit the email address above and submit your question. I am sure Leviton will resolve any problems you may be having.
    Steve M.

  4. Avatar for A. Roy says:

    I have install one of your motion detectors with a new florescent light fixture and it will only work intermittently. When I tested it at the beginning it went on and off during the test. If you leave the room and come back within a couple of minutes it will work, however if left for more that 10 minutes it doesn’t turn on when someone enter the room. Can you tell me what the problems is?

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