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2 Responses to Hallmark Cards, Inc.

  1. Avatar for William Bruce says:

    Hallmark Cards Made In China

    I have been very disappointed with Hallmark because so many of its cards are made in China. For this reason I will not be buying my Christmas cards, in particular, from Hallmark. I will probably try to make them myself. I am sick of sending my money to China. Hallmark needs to wakeup and do its manufacturing in the USA.

  2. Avatar for Janet Cristaldi says:

    Shame on Hallmark Cards, Inc. I have been a Gold Crown customer for many, many years. I have been increasingly disappointed and frustrated with the fact that practically ALL of the cards are made in China (as well as other products, such as ornaments). It’s nearly impossible to find a card made in the U.S.A. And you have the nerve to bill yourselves as a Made In America “institution.” This Christmas I was unable to find boxed cards made here – so in the future I’ll be online shopping for them and going elsewhere to purchase my greeting cards.

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