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29 Responses to Hallmark Cards, Inc.

  1. Avatar for Susan says:

    As others have mentioned, I have been a Gold Crown customers for a long time. But no more Hallmark ~ so disappointing that you support China! Not only no more China made greeting cards, I will no longer give my hard earned money in support of China. I will gladly pay more for any items made in USA !!!!

  2. Avatar for stevemoss says:

    Found an inexpensive Hallmark card for my wife on Mothers Day

    Hey Y ‘all,
    Just bought a Mothers Day card for my wife: it was made here in the USA. I got it for only $2.00 at my local Family Dollar Store. I guess that Hallmark is getting the message and trying to keep up with the competition; making them here and keeping the price low. The American consumer is smart, they are not going to put up with China any more… We need to demand more American made products. The card label on the back said “sentimental studios” a Hallmark Company UPC.

  3. Avatar for Bonnie says:

    Why aren’t you mentioning your China locations?? I will not be buying Hallmark cards at all. So disappointing.

  4. Avatar for Cathy says:

    I will not be buying any more Halmark products. Even tho I have for many years. With all this corvid going on and it came from China. Well everyone had started reading labels. Cards made in China no more will I buy. Better start thing if another way to run your bossiness. I along with millions more will not buy one thing made in China. So make all cards in the USA. Surly they would be cheaper. Your cards has gone out of sight in pricing. So the last years I very rare buy one. Buy know for sure not now! Make in your own country.

  5. Avatar for MoonBeamDreamZ says:

    Produce ALL products in America!

    Hallmark maybe it’s time you rethink your production of cards with beads and such. America is where it’s at. Not just some cards and Hallmark products but all products! This is going around the internet like wild fire. I’m sure you will see a lot of people discontinue purchasing your brand.

  6. Avatar for Theresa Cotton says:

    Disappointed in Hallmark

    I, too, am disappointed to have learned that Hallmark is not and has not made all of their products in America. Like many others I will no longer purchase any of their products.

  7. Avatar for Julie Bush says:


    I always loved and supported Hallmark cards for as long as I have been old enough to buy cards. For the last few years I’ve thought that some of the cards were not as good as used to be-not sure why that seemed to be happening, but now in view of Hallmark being made in China, no longer will I purchase Hallmark cards-or Hallmark anything unless I am sure it is not made in China.
    Please Hallmark, make in USA.

    • Avatar for Alinda Baker says:

      I just learned that Hallmark cards are made in China, however, I purchased several cards today that said Hallmark Marketing Company, LLC Kansas City, Missouri 64141. Under the address is said made in USA. Just wondering…are they made in China or USA? Just a bit confused.

      • Avatar for SamDer says:

        Dei cut and decorative cards are made in China. Plain Jane cards are made in USA.

        • Avatar for Lisa Ruetz says:

          Most Hallmark greeting cards sold in the United States are produced here by Hallmark employees in our greeting card production center in Lawrence, Kansas. Hallmark cards with specialized processes, such as die cut, glitter, flock and foil stamp are produced in Lawrence.

  8. Avatar for Carol says:

    HALLMARK Cards from China

    Bye bye Hallmark!!! One more company on my boycott list. Bring it home HALLMARK!

  9. Avatar for Shannon says:

    Do your research

    Please research and stop believing internet rumors. You hurt American workers by spreading false rumors. Do your research. Many Hallmark products are made in America.
    Most of our medication comes from China. That’s a real concern.

  10. Avatar for E. Stull says:

    Based on what I've observed, why do the cards say Made in China if this is true?

    Read an article about Hallmark cards being made in China and vowed to not purchase any more from them. I was in Target a few days ago and needed an anniversary card so started looking at American Greeting cards. Guess what! Also made in China.
    I am willing to pay more for goods made in the U.S. and I think most U.S. citizens feel the same way. I’m hoping that if we all refuse to purchase things the companies manufacture in China they will get the message and move production back to the U.S. and put our citizens back to work.

  11. Avatar for sheila says:

    Make cards only int he USA!

    Hallmark, close your China plant. If you really want people to think your cards are made int he US, then make them ALL here. goodness knows we pay enough per card that they should be made here.

  12. Avatar for Michele Sorrick says:


    Shame on you Hallmark! Bring it home! All manufacturing should be done on American soil period. We must take care of this country and its people first and foremost. I have been using your cards for over 50 years and I am so disappointed in your company now. I just flipped a card over and saw the made in China on one and America on another … Really??? You’ve just been BOYCOTTED!!! BYE FELICIA!

  13. Avatar for Angela Riley says:

    Some Hallmark Cards are made in China but the majority are manufactured in the 2 factories in the USA. Please research before you spread untrue rummers.

  14. Avatar for Beatrice A Berg says:

    Very Disappointed With "Made in China"

    I, also, have been a Gold Crown customer for many years because I “care to send the very best” to family and friends!! I have been very disappointed and ashamed to see “Made in China” printed on the back! I put the cards back and often walk out the door without buying unless by some chance I locate one actually made in the USA. I usually buy my cards for the month at a time, spending at least $40.00 each time and sometimes need extra for special occasions. My business will go to other companies until you bring all your production back to the USA.

  15. Avatar for Jo Ann Castellano says:

    Smarten up Hallmark Cards!

    Add me to the list of boycott of hallmark cards made in China. People should also be aware that Smithfield Foods was bought by China in 2013. Granted, Americans are working there, but I am boycotting anything made in or owned by the Chinese (thanks for CoVid-19)!!

  16. Avatar for Lyn says:

    Do not support hallmark

    No longer buying hallmark due to part of their process is in china.

  17. Avatar for George Blumel says:

    The CCP lied about the virus and should not be supported.

    No American should buy any product produced in Communist China as the Chinese Communist Party is dedicated to controlling the world and since the USA is their main obstacle they are doing damage to our country everywhere they can. The CCP virus is their latest offense on the world. We should not be financing our own destruction by supporting the Chinese Communist Party that is in total control of mainland China. To the extent hallmark deals with the CCP we must avoid buying Hallmark.

  18. Avatar for cherie smith says:

    If these cards are made outside of the USA I will no longer buy them

  19. Avatar for MARIAN K DEWITT says:

    Hallmark cards in USA

    The Hallmark cards I have in my drawer ready to send say Made in the USA. Some cards sent to me by various charitable groups state they are made in Mexico.

  20. Avatar for Dorothy Bloomer says:


    I am disappointed in what I am reading. Since MOST have been outsourced overseas, I will no longer buy your cards.

  21. Avatar for Terry Hite says:

    Hallmark cards and ornaments made in China - sad

    I was very sad to learn this morning, that Hallmark cards and ornaments are made in China – shame on your company for fooling us! You advertise yourself as an American company, but you are not. Will start buying American greeting cards (hopefully still local), but Hallmark will not get any more of my money – so sad!

  22. Avatar for William Bruce says:

    Hallmark Cards Made In China

    I have been very disappointed with Hallmark because so many of its cards are made in China. For this reason I will not be buying my Christmas cards, in particular, from Hallmark. I will probably try to make them myself. I am sick of sending my money to China. Hallmark needs to wakeup and do its manufacturing in the USA.

  23. Avatar for Janet Cristaldi says:

    Shame on Hallmark Cards, Inc. I have been a Gold Crown customer for many, many years. I have been increasingly disappointed and frustrated with the fact that practically ALL of the cards are made in China (as well as other products, such as ornaments). It’s nearly impossible to find a card made in the U.S.A. And you have the nerve to bill yourselves as a Made In America “institution.” This Christmas I was unable to find boxed cards made here – so in the future I’ll be online shopping for them and going elsewhere to purchase my greeting cards.

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