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4 Responses to Standard Motor Products / Echlin

  1. Avatar for OSCAR rangel says:

    the napa chassis brand was the best< now when i open a box, the blue boot is black and theres no id numbers. like its just a rundom part "a fake"

    • Avatar for Boone says:

      Napa Chassis Parts

      NAPA has switched manufacturers in the recent year. All NAPA chassis parts are otherwise known as Mevotech Chassis Parts

  2. Avatar for Lloyd Fjare says:

    This was a very good article.

    Is anyone at the Echlin company able to help me. I have been looking for one of your neutral safety switch’s for over a month now. The part number is ECH NS7074.
    I have exhausted all internet sites for auto parts. They all say it was discontinued and there is nothing they can do.
    So I thought I would ask your company if they have any in stock or where you suggest I can purchase one.
    It is for a 2007 Saturn vue AWD with a 3.5 engine.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you
    Lloyd G Fjare

  3. Avatar for Brian Ansley says:

    Hello, Just stumbled across this site. Napa / Echlin parts are not all made in usa . I have worked for napa for years and over time last 10 or so more and more parts are made in mexico and china.
    And you guessed it more warranty claims.

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