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11 Responses to Bose Corporation

  1. Avatar for Tommy Bridges says:

    Great products , old is like new

    I have several Bose audio items. They are of exceptional quality and made with high grade
    parts, especially condensers. This is the weakest link in most solid state devices. I certainly
    hope that the business can survive the current lefty administration and its stupid regulations.
    If you are listening ,I hope that you will not sell out to a company off shore. Keep up the good work with producing quality equipment.

  2. Avatar for Sally says:

    Not made in America too bad will not buy it

  3. Avatar for Gail Sloan says:

    I want to buy another wave system but not if it’s not made in USA

  4. Avatar for Sam says:

    Bose Made in Mexico.

    I still use the Bose 3-2-1 Home Theater System and it works fine. The Sound stage is fantastic. The Bass on it so heavy that till date except very rarely, I never employed the Full Bass.

  5. Avatar for Scott B says:

    Sad that your products aren’t made with American hands. Lost another customer. God bless

  6. Avatar for James Yeazel says:

    Only the BEST !

    I have a pair of bose 2,2 speakers made in 1988. At times they have been pushed hard with vigor and they still sound like they just got out of the package! Bose makes the finest and longest-lasting speakers and audio equipment in the world.

  7. Avatar for Jerry says:

    if Bose is not made in the states what good are they then?? Time to shop for something else now.

    • Avatar for Michael says:

      They have 3 factories in the US and 1 in Mexico. I have worked for 2 printed circuit board companies in NH who build boards for their products, right here in the USA. Bose may not be 100% USA made but they have kept a large part of their biz here. Our Liberal Government Taxes. regulates. and fines big Business more than any other country in the world and that is why they go where they can build it cheaper. It is our government’s fault, not the corporations.

      • Avatar for LovetheUSA says:

        Exactly, most people don’t understand this. Our U.S. Gvmt forces companies to go overseas for production by making it too expensive to manufacture anything here, while giving incentives to manufacture in specific foreign countries.

  8. Avatar for stevemoss says:

    It is important to keep your wife happy. I suggest you visit this –> Bose Customer Support page <-- and fill out the necessary information along with a copy of your below comment for an answer to this question.

  9. Avatar for wilbur mascarenhas says:

    to whomesoever it may concern

    how can i convert an acoustimass 7 module sub into a powered sub the woofers do not produce any bass i am using a aucostimass 5 module on an onkyo sr-705 reciever/amp.
    still no base in the module i have wasted my money trying to set up an powerful home theatre without a power sub woofer.please could u suuggest a way out. i cannot spent more money as my wife is upset already.please let me know if bose could do something about it.

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