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2 Responses to Bose Corporation

  1. Avatar for stevemoss says:

    It is important to keep your wife happy. I suggest you visit this –> Bose Customer Support page <-- and fill out the necessary information along with a copy of your below comment for an answer to this question.

  2. Avatar for wilbur mascarenhas says:

    to whomesoever it may concern

    how can i convert an acoustimass 7 module sub into a powered sub the woofers do not produce any bass i am using a aucostimass 5 module on an onkyo sr-705 reciever/amp.
    still no base in the module i have wasted my money trying to set up an powerful home theatre without a power sub woofer.please could u suuggest a way out. i cannot spent more money as my wife is upset already.please let me know if bose could do something about it.

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