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2 Responses to Whirlpool

  1. Avatar for Annette Doucet says:


    My house went up in flames in 2012. I rebuild and moved in a new house 2013. Needless to say I have not had any luck with any of the appliances made by Whirlpool. I have a Whirlpool refrigerator repaired so many times that I should have purchased a new one . My Maytag washer (Whirlpool product) which I had repaired in the pass and this pass January purchased a new one which only lasted one month. I went to the store and told them I wanted a new one. They delivered it the next day, when they left they started the washer, I decided to wash clothes. I opened the washers put the clothes in and it would not start. Another trip to the store and told them to come get that washer and bring a new washer.

    I have been a Whirlpool consumer my whole life, NO MORE next time my refrigerator breaks down it will be another brand. I purchased Insurance on my washer and when that runs out it to will be another Brand. What Whirlpool sells is JUNK the parts are made abroad and assembled in the USA.

  2. Avatar for John Romine says:

    I want to buy an American Made Refrigerator Side BY SideRefrigerator that is owned by Americans. Guess I will have to Look somewhere else.

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