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2 Responses to Summit Treestands, LLC

  1. Avatar for Michael Perry says:

    Ok bought the Goliath $319.00 plus tt&l. Got unboxed and seen instructional video is on CD…really who the hell uses CDs anymore. So moving on…paperwork has no pictured illustration for Goliath…whaaaat who needs that shit. So read about all the other stands i dont have and assembled the Goliath. Seat has no attaching buckle on back left corner. Maybe im not reading carefully enough. Call Summit…here we go…some little aggravating crank on a recording tells me Summit is having a high volume of call…i f*ckin bet. She says if you hold for an hour lol Summit will hang up and you can try again later lmao. Yall got me this time but it wont happen again.

  2. Avatar for Jim Wojcieson says:

    Just bought a Summit SD for my son, used it once, the next morning, the seat was eaten out. I have a Viper SS, my buddies have SSs as well and they are left in the woods the entire archery and gun season of southern-tier, NY. The SSs have cotton seats. Nothing has ever touched an SS seat. The SD has some kind of synthetic seat cover. MY 2007 GMC pick-up has soy based seats, so I’m told. I’m wondering if the SD has soy based seats and attracting animals. I called Summit, the person could not tell me what the seats are made of. Huh, ok. So how do you know they don’t have anything harmful in them? The Chinese have poisoned our dog-food, lead based painted toys, you get my drift. Complaint two; The harness supplied with the stand has the leg buckles on the outside of the legs. Every time he stands up, or sits down, CLICK, CLANK! Gee sir, you are the only one who ever complained about that. Really? The only one? I bought a high quality vest harness and never used the one with my SS. My buckles are on the insides of my legs. I had to suggest to the customer service rep to take my information so that someone from Summit can call me back. Disappointed to learn Summit is not 100% American made. I would have done more research.

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