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7 Responses to STIHL Inc.

  1. i have never been more disapointed in any thing i ever bought thanthis product i am 55 years old.

    i have a stihl blower and its the biggest piece of junk i ever owned had it 3 mo. and already have to have service on it. had a craftsman blower and never had any trouble with it i wish i would have bought a another one instead of this stihl its junk and they will not refund my money. dont buy and stihl products because they wont stand behind them. i though i was getting a piece of professional equipment but their junk a they wont tell you that. now i have this junk equipment to drag back to the service dept. every week. dont buy this equipment you be very sorry you did and have to go buy something that you can depend on.

  2. Avatar for jerry pelly says:

    When Stihl corporate office claims a product is made in the U.S.A., are ALL component parts except carburetors made and assembled in the U.S. ? Or are the parts made elsewhere, shipped to and then assembled in the U.S.?

    I was under the impression all Stihl products were made in Germany?

  3. Avatar for Gary Grot says:

    Martha, look at Florian ratchet loppers and pruners. Made in USA. Ive had mine for over 10 yrs. easy to use and cutting is easy when using the ratchet.

  4. Avatar for Jim says:

    I was checking manufacture sites because I had heard that the smaller Stihls were made in China, according to this article only the carbs come from China. So I will look at the Stihl again looking at the MS 180 or possibly the 170 or 171 for homeowner use. I had a Stihl weed eater and it was really good, it was a larger weed eater for farm use but it started good and the head fed string real good. Although I replaced that Stihl weed eater when it wore out with a Shindaiwa and the Shindaiwa was a much better weed eater than the Stihl. I would highly recommend the Shindaiwa weed eater.

  5. Avatar for beverly friend says:

    i have a stihl leaf blower and i just love it. i use it to blow the snow off of my walkways. i keep it in my back porch all winter. much easier than shoveling when you get up in age. i live in northern minnesota so i do get snow. it will easily blow 3-4 inches of light snow.

  6. Avatar for Martha Gay Stewart says:

    can you guide me to an American made pair of loppers or hedge clippers?

    I am searching for a pair of hand hedge clippers made in the USA. Do you know this is an impossibility!

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