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30 Responses to STIHL Inc.

  1. Avatar for Ivan says:

    Made 100% in USA

    Well we been sold out buy our elected officials. I just bought a stihl edger and weed eater. Manuf in USA with global parts. Whatever that means. I had a Roybi for 6yrs. It worked well. When it failed I the parts were discontinued. So I am trying to buy US made so I can get parts. Need to regulate what made in America means by percentage. 100% made in USA meaning just that.

  2. Avatar for JS. Dittmann says:

    That’s the problem with the “newer” Stihl products; they’re assembled in the USA with Chinese parts. Consequently you’ll be lucky to get 20hrs out of a saw before the first part breaks.

  3. Avatar for Roy D. Kirkland says:

    If it is made in China it’s been stolen from some other country, company or Co-op that they attached to with stealing their inventions in mind from the beginning. America quit buying their CRAP and become the Americans we were once were The Innovators. GOD

  4. Avatar for George Weedsport N.Y. says:

    Saw chain carbide ordering

    I ordered a carbide 20″ chainsaw blade from a STIHL dealer near me and still have NOT received it that was a month and a half ago. So much for being american made, this is supposed to be MADE IN AMERICA why 6 weeks and counting to receive a chain for my STIHL chainsaw.

  5. Avatar for Rick Gronkowski says:

    I Am Sick & Tired Of Buying Something Thats Made In China, Everything I Bought Is Garbage,
    Because Of Poor Chinese Quality Control. I Am Canadian, What Has Happened To made In The Good Old U.S.A. Production, I Miss the High Standard Quality of U.S.Products. please Scrap the Chinese Invasion Of Poor Products, Stick With Made In U.S.A. Business Will Improve.

  6. Avatar for Kenneth says:

    All handheld equipment sold in america is made in CHINA!

    Listen, The stihl brand and all other handheld brands of outdoor power equipment sold in america are made in china! They are branded in china with american names before they ever go in a box to leave port in china! There is no way that an american manufacturing facility would take on manufacturing the product themselves. It is already done for them. I am in the outdoor power equipment industry everyday, and the only outdoor lawn equipment made in the USA are zero turn mowers of select brands. Such as, Bad Boy and some others. So, to answer the question. No, Nothing in the handheld outdoor product line in america in any brand is american made!

    • Avatar for Theresa Bisluk says:

      Even Steil is garbage.

      You got it right. My Steil equipment is old, 15 yrs or so. Now getting repairs are so expensive that you can purchase a new one for the price of the repairs. I just repaired a weed trimmer. $252.00! I could have purchased a new one ( or a couple of goats).

    • Avatar for Sanford J. Freedman says:

      Thank you since I TRY to buy everything made in America!

  7. Avatar for Tom says:

    Anyone know where the Kombi power heads and attachments are made?

  8. Avatar for Kenneth Zullick says:

    Why can’t I get an answer as to where your mowers are manufactured? Please advise me as to location of manufacture. I’m interested but not buying if it is made in China. I already own a Stihl chainsaw, leaf blower and weed trimmer.

    • Avatar for IdahoTim says:

      Why won't Stihl state the Country of Origin?

      I have been asking the same question and no one from Stihl will answer.
      I want to order an RMA 510V self propelled mower, but only if is not made in China.

      • Avatar for SDlife says:

        Agreed. I thought Stihl was a USA made product.

      • Avatar for SDlife says:

        I think just their weed eaters are made in China???

      • Avatar for SPG says:

        I did get a response from Stihl on Lawn Mowers specifically and unfortunately ALL of them are made in China. Many of their products are USA made (in VA BEACH) but they have a large factory in China for some items and also in Austria and Germany.

        I own a USA made String Trimmer. I might purchase one of their USA made Leaf Blowers but as for Lawn Mower I will continue to search for a USA made brand (for battery powered I mean). I know of several USA made gas powered mowers and I own one now (Craftsman).

  9. Avatar for Lee Paladin says:

    Detailed article. And you reply to comments, that's great.

    I have both a Stihl hedge trimmer and a cordless Lithium-Ion trimmer. The trimmer starts every time, as does the hedge trimmer.

    • Avatar for david P says:

      this is uninformed positive feedback

      Great enjoy products which Chinese manufacturing paid an average of $2.00 a DAY to children about 50% of the time. It truly doesn’t matter if the product is good. We, in the USA, don’t believe in that kind of treatment for children, nor adults, nor should any other country. It has ruined manufacturing in America as we can longer compete with this unfair business advantage. Is it worth? H@ll no.

      • Avatar for Ghostrider says:

        Have a battery blower .quality product and only bought it because it is a made in America product .I don’t have a problem with German engineering think they have some of the best minds in the world .hitler is two generations ago .

  10. Avatar for Kathy says:

    I’m looking to buy safety boots, hat, gloves and chaps but would like to know where the Stihl boots and other safety products are made – as in what country??

  11. Avatar for Eric says:

    Stihl chainsaws best

    I am proud Stihl owner and would never buy a different chainsaw

  12. Avatar for kevin taylor says:

    i have never been more disapointed in any thing i ever bought thanthis product i am 55 years old.

    i have a stihl blower and its the biggest piece of junk i ever owned had it 3 mo. and already have to have service on it. had a craftsman blower and never had any trouble with it i wish i would have bought a another one instead of this stihl its junk and they will not refund my money. dont buy and stihl products because they wont stand behind them. i though i was getting a piece of professional equipment but their junk a they wont tell you that. now i have this junk equipment to drag back to the service dept. every week. dont buy this equipment you be very sorry you did and have to go buy something that you can depend on.

    • Avatar for Jake says:

      Varry happy with mine

    • Avatar for Terrell Kert says:

      How come Stihl chainsaws are used in professional competitions

    • Avatar for Donna Krumm says:

      Craftsman Equipment vs American made

      I don’t own anything Stihl, but I know that craftsman isn’t like it was back in the 60’s. I’ve thrown out craftsman equipment, gas operated, because they are junk anymore. Yes you can return it when it doesn’t work and in this case I bought trimmers. Not to mention the cheap plastic surrounding the mechanics of the equipment. I am now only in the market for American made, battery operated and will try it once and expect the equipment to work every time all the time. I refuse to purchase anything made in China. Even my furniture is made in the U.S.
      My rating below is ONLY for Craftsman.

      • Avatar for Hugo Joza says:

        it's time to bring all the jobs back to the American people so that we all do better

        hello…I like what you say and if everybody would see it your way than America will have a stronger backbone and that translates to a stronger economy and we at least do a little better …God bless you!

  13. Avatar for jerry pelly says:

    When Stihl corporate office claims a product is made in the U.S.A., are ALL component parts except carburetors made and assembled in the U.S. ? Or are the parts made elsewhere, shipped to and then assembled in the U.S.?

    I was under the impression all Stihl products were made in Germany?

  14. Avatar for Gary Grot says:

    Martha, look at Florian ratchet loppers and pruners. Made in USA. Ive had mine for over 10 yrs. easy to use and cutting is easy when using the ratchet.

  15. Avatar for Jim says:

    I was checking manufacture sites because I had heard that the smaller Stihls were made in China, according to this article only the carbs come from China. So I will look at the Stihl again looking at the MS 180 or possibly the 170 or 171 for homeowner use. I had a Stihl weed eater and it was really good, it was a larger weed eater for farm use but it started good and the head fed string real good. Although I replaced that Stihl weed eater when it wore out with a Shindaiwa and the Shindaiwa was a much better weed eater than the Stihl. I would highly recommend the Shindaiwa weed eater.

  16. Avatar for beverly friend says:

    i have a stihl leaf blower and i just love it. i use it to blow the snow off of my walkways. i keep it in my back porch all winter. much easier than shoveling when you get up in age. i live in northern minnesota so i do get snow. it will easily blow 3-4 inches of light snow.

  17. Avatar for Martha Gay Stewart says:

    can you guide me to an American made pair of loppers or hedge clippers?

    I am searching for a pair of hand hedge clippers made in the USA. Do you know this is an impossibility!

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