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7 Responses to Star Manufacturing Int. Inc.

  1. Avatar for Amelia Weiss says:

    How much is the T2 toaster?

  2. Avatar for Connie Nelson says:

    i am looking for a pop-up toaster & usa made- nice and all- found yours and you guys must not have looked closely at bagels; one whole bagel usually is about 1 3/4 inch wide; when you toast a bagel you don’t cut it in half,you toast the thing whole so that the inside stays soft and outside only is crispy- your slots are not wide…and you should post your prices on your appliances so that everyone shopping can see what they are forking out…i guess i will have to settle for another brand…too bad !!!

  3. Avatar for Tina says:

    I am interested in purchasing a T-2 toaster. Could you let me know who will contact me by e-mail as our system takes any unsolicited e-mail and puts them into spam. Thanks, Tina

  4. Avatar for randi says:

    How do I buy this toaster described as the Pop Up Toaster? Can I order it form someone? is it in a store somewhere? thanks, Randi Moran

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:


      You may wish to click on the Email address above just below the post information, or visit their website (follow link above) and click on the “Find a Sales Rep” tab at the top of the page; you can click on the area you live in and a page will come up with a phone # for contact and purchase.
      Thanks for your participation in the Buy American made product procedure.

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