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2 Responses to SOM Footwear

  1. Avatar for Roy Greenblatt says:

    Having four generations in the footwear industry gives me a heads up of a tremendous background of knowledge to manufacturing in the America. With the right manufacturing team I believe I can design and produce a factory with the ability to duplicate the project so we can manufacture in many parts of of our country.
    I would like to meet up with anyone in the Made in America Department that the President signed off on yesterday.

    If possible I would like to sit down for an informative meeting that will definitely be able to put many thousands of people to work in a short period of time.

    One phone call can build a new industry for the 2nd oldest profession.
    Send me an email and lets start a dialogue

  2. Avatar for Tammy says:

    Love these shoes! I originally bought my SP-L3s for trail running and hiking but they are so comfortable that I wear them for everything now- running errands, walking my pups, social events, traveling, etc. I would highly recommend them.

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