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6 Responses to SinfulColors, Inc.

  1. Avatar for Kasia Galuszka says:

    Terrible to apply; very streaky.I tried 2 different colors, Hazard (952) and that was just plain awful! The other color Pink Poppys (1472) was just a bit easier to apply, but streaky when it dried. I expected more from a product made in the USA! both bottles are going into the garbage.

  2. Avatar for Tina says:

    I bought my nail polish (You Just Wait) and there wasn’t a brush in it. I sent an email to the contact us to have them send me a brush and still have not heard from them about it.

  3. Avatar for Betty says:

    I have purchase nail polish from Walgreen Drug Store. Love the name of the polish but this is my issue,
    I am having a difficult time removing this nail polish , I have soaked them in nail polish remover and purchased different nail polish remover and so far. it appears to have stained my nail. HELP

  4. Avatar for Linda Smith says:

    Stains nails do not use

    I too polished my nails with Krushed velvet trend matters velvet shade. Wore it for 2 days and my nails are stained. The polish was purple but my nails are stained orange! I am 52 years of age and can honestly say my nails have never stained from any other brands including expensive brands and cheap brands. Terrible product. I now have to wear polish every day just to cover it up. Should be taken off the market.

  5. Avatar for Tammy Fleury says:

    What a mess! Won't come off my fingers.

    I have been trying to contact someone about the mess I have after using your “Sinful Colors” nail polish named, “Why Not,” well I can tell you “why not!” After trying to remove your polish from my nails , my fingers look like the smurfs! I can not get it off! What a mess! I loved the color, but now will never put it on again! I’ve been alright with your product until now. The sad thing is I also had put some on my grand daughters nails. I’m so upset with this! How can I get it off?

  6. Avatar for deborah says:

    I recently bought your sinful colors professional nail enamel; the color “savage”. After leaving it on my nails for 2 days I removed it and found my nails were stained with the color. I have never before had this problem with nail enamels and I am extremely annoyed and disappointed in your product. I will not be purchasing another product from you.

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