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8 Responses to Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc.

  1. Avatar for Bonnie Ornduff says:

    purchased Regent-model number 2691331-00 on 4/7/2016. Has only 70 hours of use. Losing
    power. Mechanic said it needs a new transmission. The fluid was so low it needed a quart to fill.
    NO leaks and was not properly filled at the factory. A new transmission would cost $1369.00
    plus tax, shipping and labor. I can’t consent to that. VERY DISAPPOINTED in your mower!
    Not a good recommendation of your product.

  2. Avatar for stephen sweet says:

    I have a simplicity conquest ,love the mower ,but recently the deck has been jumping off deck hanger while mowing grass,why?

  3. Avatar for GEORGE BRAZIL says:

    30" simplicity snow blower

    Just wanted to find out what can be done with my new Simplicity 30″heavy duty snow blower that has ruined 2 belts in 4 small storms. I first brought it back and the dealer replaced the multi speed belt, but still wasn’t right. The next storm I went easy with the blower.
    This year we had one wet snow storm and snow got stuck 8 times in the chute. I decided to bring it to another dealer to check it out and the belt was eaten up again but I didn’t give the dealer the case number because when I call simplicity I made the error saying it was an extended warranty instead of a case number. Not to go on and on but my question is: Am I going to have this problem because of a manufacturer defect? Not very happy. Dealers told me after the fact it was too big for New England snow storms.Would be interested in talking to some one in charge.
    Case # 42064, model#1696519-01, serial# 2017246025, belt slippage

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      I would suggest for you to visit their website (link listed above), and click on Snow Blower type you have under the Products header. Scroll down to the Reviews area of the page and then click on the orange “Write a Review” box. This should get your question on if the USA made 30″ Snow Blower is “too big for New England snow storms” answered.

  4. Avatar for Pierre Le Fur says:

    Simplicity lawn tractor Regent, model 2691011 has a potential problem with the driving belt. A problem which has been recognized by other customers and that should be addressed. Please give me a call on: 610-298-2922 to explain the details.

    Thank you !

  5. Avatar for Thomas says:

    After selling some of your mowers I have become impressed and wish to become an agent /dealer in your products coul you contact me as soon as possible please on this issue thank you mark Thomas

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      b4USA is an American product and service directory, we are promoting US made Lawn Mowers and other American made products that Simplicity Mfg. distributes
      You can click on the Net-Mail link just above the Website and Star Rating script and fill out their form, for product and dealer questions.

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