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7 Responses to Simmons Upholstery

  1. Avatar for stevemoss says:

    Hello Rose,
    I am sorry the problem is not resolved, maybe in the future the company will take note of product failure and assign the proper person to help you. Let me know how it turns out!

  2. Avatar for Rose Daniel says:

    I will be contacting nbc 5 Chicago, investigating reporting to help us get resolution on this problem. very disappointed. I have called and sent emails with no resolution responses. K.Harlow responded that it is not her area. Watkins responded and transferred the call.

    Steve Moss saying he was a directory only and cant help with a resolution.

  3. Avatar for Rose Daniel says:

    No response yet

    Still no response

  4. Avatar for Rose daniel says:

    I called left message, no one has responded yet. I bought many pieces of lane furniture.

  5. Avatar for Rose Daniel says:

    The problem is not resolved. Please help

  6. Avatar for Rose Daniel says:

    Complaint: we bought a Simmons recliner at Menards in Jan 2016. The leather is deteriorating above the heads rest and also the inner sides of arm rest. Menards gave me the Simmons phone number to contact them. No one answers or responds to the phone number.. there was investigational reporting last year about this type of a problem. We need a resolution to this problem. I will contact NBC 5 if no resoultion.

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