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  1. Avatar for Eric says:

    SK tools has been purchased by Hangzhou GreatStar Tools in October 2021. They claim to be keeping manufacturing in the US, but are currently not selling any tools on their website while they can replenish stock.

  2. Avatar for Joe says:

    Almost three years after this post and mentioned posts, there has been some massive change with SK. First off, some time ago, Ideal Industries bought SK, but has actually reinvested into America. As of January 22nd 2016, ALL of their hand tools, NOT and I stress this HIGHLY their gloves or shirts at this time.

    SK website will confirm this and calling SK at 800-822-5575 or emailing them at as well. This is NOT a theory nor is this an opinion as the manufacturer will provide accurate credible information.

    Yes, Ideal is a global company, yet despite that all SK hand tools are 100% American made as of the time of this posting. Hard to tell what the future will bring and I sincerely hope this remains the case. Yeah this would be great if American companies only produced 100% USA made products with zero foreign components, yet some jobs are better than nothing. Nothing is pretty much what exists with certain industries presently, which is outright depressing.

  3. Avatar for erniestools says:

    I appreciate the effort! You can also check this one for any kinds of hand tools

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      I just visited the website and searched for Made in USA in their search box, only eight products were retrieved for review. Hopefully their search function can be improved they have other US made products; or they will post a page that displays all of the US made products they sell in the future.

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