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4 Responses to Riccar America, Inc

  1. Avatar for Craig Meyer says:

    So much for American made!

    Dear Valued Tacony Customer:

    Similar to many global businesses based in the US, the leadership team at Tacony Corporation has been monitoring and assessing the impact of the current and going forward tariffs being levied by the US Customs Department.

    These tariffs impact specific classes of products (better described as HTS codes) entering the US market from China. Both finished goods and parts within our manufacturing supply chain have been identified as being a part of the HTS codes impacted by the US Customs actions.

    As you may be aware, the preliminary tariffs have already gone into effect, and are presently at the 10% level. Many product categories are being raised to a tariff level of 25% on January 1, 2019.

    Naturally, the team at Tacony and our valued China-based partners are making every effort to minimize the impact of these tariffs on the products within our Tacony portfolio. Inevitably, the burden of these tariffs will fall on the consumer in the form of higher prices. Where we provide MSRP and MAP pricing information, we will be working to update those figures in a manner consistent with our price increases.

    Today, we are informing you that we will be raising prices in two stages to cover the cost of the tariffs and the associated cost of doing business with goods originating in China. The first price increase will be effective with all orders placed after November 2, 2018 and will correspond with the initial 10% tariff rate that is currently in place. The second price increase will be effective for all orders placed after January 2, 2019 and will correspond to the 25% tariff rate that has been announced for January 1, 2019.

    Our commitment is to continue to find product alternatives and exercise thought leadership to minimize the impact of the tariffs to the products you purchase from Tacony. However, given the time required to test, source, and implement new supply chain paths, it is necessary to inform you of our cost increases well ahead of the implementation of any new sourcing arrangements.

    In the interim, thank you for your continued support of Tacony products; we are committed to remaining competitive and being the best source for the products and services supporting your business.

    Kind Regards,

    Craig Meyer, SVP Marketing

    Andy Touchette, SVP Sales

  2. Avatar for Alan Hughes says:

    Alans Alterations Store on ebay have them

  3. Avatar for Diane Sykes says:

    Dear Sirs – Good afternoon

    I have been given a Riccar Overlocker Model RL-924DR but have not got an instruction manual for it – are you able to let me know where I can acquire one to download for free please. I have tried looking on the internet for one, but have been unsuccessful.

    Thank you in advance,

    Diane Sykes

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      We cannot help you with the any of the Riccar America, Customer Service issues. You may wish to scroll above this comment to the Riccar post area and click on the Net-Mail link just above the gold stars and fill out the “Required Fields” for an answer to this question. Or you could give them a call their phone number is just under the red Website link.
      Thanks for your visit to the American Made Directory.

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