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3 Responses to Red Wing Shoe Company

  1. Avatar for Chris Kraemer says:

    Redwing is mostly made in China. Check your facts

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Hello Chris,
      I checked the “facts” and as of today Red Wing Shoes are not mostly made in China. Fact is: if you click on the ‘Visit Website’ link we provide it will take you to their website page that shows the USA made shoes they make here in America. If you click on a US made shoe image it will take you to the informational page about that shoe and it will also state the country of origin; if you hover over that little ? mark it will state that “RWSC continues to manufacture over 60% of our Red Wing Brand products in the USA”.

  2. Avatar for Cs Karanja says:

    Great Work Boots for loggers

    I work with a logging company and I can say Red Wing Mens Supersole Pull-On Boots have been a good companion.
    I have done most of my purchases through Amazon and Am happy Red wing ensures their products are always available on the platform.

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