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  1. Avatar for Anthony says:

    I am looking for generator heads made in the U.S.A.While searching I came to this webpage American Made Listing Directory where I came across McMillan company name.However I haven’t been able to find any generator heads or any listings for them.Even when I tried that site I was unable to find any info for there sales.I really want to buy American please e-mail me if anyone knows where I can find American made generator heads. Thank you for your time and consideration.If it is not Made in America, then we will not list it. If you see a product listed that is no longer made in USA, please let us know.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Most of the Generator heads are APU use and heavy duty trucks. I am sure that the sales staff would be happy to help you find the US made product you are searching for. As you visit this McMillan post go to the Golden Visit Website link (see above), or call them, the phone number is just below the website link. Also you may wish to send them an email;) it too is on the post page, just under the phone number.
      Thanks for your American made product support.

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