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  1. Avatar for stevemoss says:


    Answer: Wood vs Metal Pool Cue Inserts.
    The female threads in the shaft are wood on the majority of our cues including the M72A. The wood-to-wood joint provides a very efficient transfer of energy through the joint producing a softer hit than joints with metal inserts. If the wood is exposed to extreme climates the wood can expand and create a tight fitting joint. This is an easy fix for us as we simply run a tap through the shaft to open up the threads again. We’ve been using this style joint for over 35 years, so durability is not a concern.
    Jayme Cernicka
    McDermott Cue

  2. Avatar for Joe Daley says:

    I am thinking of purchasing a Dubliner 72 A Cue and was wondering about the joint. Is it a metal female end or is it wood. I have looked at a couple
    of cues with the wood (female joint end) . They appear to be very
    difficult to to screw and unscrew. They also appear weak will wood hold up as well as the metal joints.

    Appreciate and help you can give me in answering these concerns.
    Thank You
    Joe Daley

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