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  1. Avatar for Joe says:

    From my research, there are only two companies that produce any ceiling fans that have American made components. Rustic Lighting and Fan company, and Matthews with the models mentioned in this post.

    This has taken some research, but the name of the quote on quote “USA made motor” company is McMillan Electric Company. This might seem to be an outrageous claim, but my source of information seems to be fairly correct.
    Sadly, this is all that is left and the days of 100% USA made ceiling fans just doesn’t exist anymore. Probably hasn’t in decades, but that is case with a vast majority of electronics.

    As for Rustic Lighting Fan company, only certain models have any US components, but there are also some that are only assembled in USA.

  2. Avatar for Alton W. Morris Jr. says:

    After going to a factory tour at Goodman in Houston I’ve decided to open a store in Jacksboro Texas . I am planning to sell a/c’s and American made appliances, windows and other construction and household goods.

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