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  1. Avatar for Twana Ann Williams says:

    The whole make of the locks are different. Not as good quality as they ounce were. I have my lock that I used back in High School. I graduated in 1989 and it still works perfectly with no issues!! Somehow I remember the combination like it was just yesterday that I was using it. On the back it says that it was made in Milwaukee WI USA. Sad that they are not solely made here in the states any more!! Just more jobs that has gone over seas somewheres instead of staying here where they are needed!!

  2. Avatar for john says:

    made in china master locks

    I have an old master combination lock (Made in USA). works every time without fail. just purchased a set of 2 locks (made in china) that require 3 letters instead of the normal numerical locks.
    They are HORRIBLE!!!
    Oftentimes it takes me as many as 5 attempts before it opens.
    I would definitely NOT purchase these locks!

  3. Avatar for Curt H says:

    Every lock I was considering purchasing from Master Lock was Made in China. If they want my business back, I am going to need to see the Made in the USA label.

  4. Avatar for stevemoss says:

    Shakil, that particular master lock, the 3EURD it is not “Made in USA”.
    If you wish to contact Master their NetMail contact page is listed in post above.
    They have a Made in USA page which is also shown at bottom area of post you may be able to find an American made lock that suits your needs there.

    Have a great day. Steve

  5. Avatar for SHAKIL NAJMI says:

    Dear Sirs,

    We are interested in the import of 100 nos Laminated Steel Lock product cat # 3EURD
    Please quote price C&F Karachi by Air.
    Thanking you.

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