8 Responses to American Made in USA Hearing Aids

  1. Avatar for DAVID LIEBAU says:

    I have been receiving my starkey hearing aides from the VA. constant problems
    left side and right side.

  2. Avatar for Janice says:

    Starkey builds custom hearing aids in mexico and cross over mexico boarder! Closed all outside manufacturing besides headquarters!

  3. Avatar for Cory says:

    I don’t know the last time you updated your website, but I just wanted to let you know, that Sonic Innovations was founded in the United states but was recently purchased by William Denamt holdings, a company based in Denmark who founded Oticon and has now purchased Bernafon and Sonic. So if you are trying to support an american company, then Sonic innovations is no longer one of those companies that is 100% american.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Thank you Cory for the information. We are updating US made product and company posts daily; information changes so fast that it is hard to determine which is the best hearing aid company for the American consumer.

  4. Avatar for John A Drake says:

    Very informative and well laid out. Side notes present enough data as well as product information. Efficent. Rating 10

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