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8 Responses to Kong Company, LLC

  1. Avatar for Kim Gatlin says:


    I purchased a Kong Dog bed from Petsmart. I have a 14 month old Jack Russell. Thinking this would be the best bed ever, well let me tell you she put a hole in it within and hour. The products are now not chew proof at all. Im very dissatisfied with the cost and durability

  2. Avatar for Tracy Fey says:

    We have a Pitbull/Lab mix, the other day we bought her the Kong red ring chew toy, as she is a big time chewer, with in an hour she had chunks tore out of it. Now, I don’t want to give it back to her for fear she will finish the job. Is there such a thing as an indestructible dog chew toy?

  3. Avatar for Spike says:

    Alte Kongs an die Macht!

    Mein Hund Spike braucht einen neuen Kong, jedoch ein älteres Modell, die Neuen findet er blöd. Liebe Grüße aus Berlin, Deutschland.
    Translation by b4USA: My dog ​​Spike needs a new Kong, but an older model, he finds the new stupid. Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

  4. Avatar for Alina says:

    I just purchased the Kong Air Dog for my Boxer and was shocked to see that it is “Made in China” Now I’m afraid to give him the toy as there is no oversight on the materials used. Shame on you Kong!!!

  5. Avatar for Cheryl Nelson says:

    Squeaky tous

    My dog LOVES ❤️the Kong squeaky toys but they dont last her a week or sometimes even a day. She is an American pitbull that loves to chew and the squeaky toys are like a pacifier to a baby. They sooth her. I will continue to buy them just wished they lasted longer.

  6. Avatar for Matthew S Barry says:

    I happen to see the episode of Shipping Wars with the fundraising product they did for the animal dog and cat shelter. They had to ship a 8 foot Kong dog / cat toy, thing was pretty cool. I hope that they do stick with more american made products. Last I knew they were ISO 9001, and they do make a lot of Dog and Cat Toys, hopefully they will make more cat supplies and toys in the future too!

  7. Avatar for Denise Seuring says:

    It is sad to see this company go the way of so many others. Many of their products are now made in China. You have to look very carefully whenever shopping for Kong toys. I prefer to spend my money on other true USA made companies that make Dog toys.

    • Avatar for Matthew S Barry says:

      They did start making some pretty cool cat toys, they have some good catnip products, Hopefully they will keep making these products in america.

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