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4 Responses to K&N Engineering, Inc.

  1. Avatar for JMan says:

    The filters are made in korea

    Found out most of the performance filters are made in Korea used a few for my chrysler 300 they were meh used a couple for my civic they were bleh. I stick to oil change specials or if I want to go with american made for my civic I go oem on amazon and can pick up a honeywell

  2. Avatar for R. Chandler says:

    I hear you. Ordered 5 K&N 153s, made in Thailand , quality and finish look good. However the 163s were made in china and already had corrosion all over on the out side. Sure I will just put that right on, not.
    I am sick of all this out sourcing. Its not just K&N. Once everything is made cheaper in other countries there will be no jobs here. What difference will it make how cheap something is if you don’t have a job. Get it?

  3. Avatar for Arif Iqbal says:

    i am interested in buying oil filters from you which you will make in my brand. i.e. polygon.
    i will be in california next week. i would like to come visit with you. my phone no. is
    i hope to hear from you soon. sincerely. Arif.

  4. Avatar for Dave Ringering says:

    I checked out a K&N 303/303C oil filter for my Indian motorcycle. Opened the box and found “Made in China”. No sale.

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