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  1. Avatar for Angela Quinton says:

    No wonder no one is buying made in USA products. Too stupidly expensive!

    • Avatar for kevin wethington says:

      they are not stupidly expensive. I used to sell asian machine tools. Every nation over there, in this order of under the table government funding, is part of a plan to destroy American industrial capability. At least that is what the Chief Executive of Mori Seiki machine tools told me, along with how they do it. This was verified by another American machine tool salesman who on a trip to the factory, was shown where that money comes from, the 18 then government owned horse tracks where the $2 billion in 1980 dollars is used to cut the price of their product in half. To the point, the cost of the materials was more than the machines. If we subsidized our products to their markets, maybe our products would be cheaper in their countries, like theirs are cheaper in ours than in their own. Wake up. Reagan’s trickle down economics was 75 percent used to fund the building loans to China’s industrialization instead of to the American people. Ship loads of American goods like fruit, sit in South Korean harbors until they rot. Chine, South Korea, and Japan, and India and Pakistan, cheap like crazy. Wake up! The Japanese man told me, the Japanese government policy is to destroy the North American domestic capability to make machine tools. But then again, that was the only sector he knew about. WAKE UP!!!

      • Avatar for Joanne says:

        cost of toaster

        Yeah and people think he was great. Yeah wake up! The ONLY thing that TRICKLES DOWN Is Misery!!

      • Avatar for Joanne says:


        Can’t we make a home version that is affordable for people making low wages. We can go to the moon but can’t make an affordable toaster for home use? Be REAL.

  2. Avatar for Nancy Birthman says:

    Can’t find a toaster that is made in the U.S.A. I have bought 4 toasters in the last year and a half. Tired of wasting my money on the crap out on the market. They either burn your bread or they take forever to toast, or hardly do anything. Black & Decker has really gone to the dogs on almost all of their products. Is there really a toaster out there that actually works??

    • I sell a good two slot toaster made in this country that is in no way cheap or flimsy and built to last. At first I dismissed the idea, but after they sent me a toaster so I could take it apart and see how it is made, I know it can be serviced and repaired if necessary. Made here in Indiana. Contact email- or visit the toaster central website!

  3. Avatar for Christine Matha says:

    All I wanted was a 4 slot household toaster made in the USA and it seems they are extinct. Unfortunately I can not spend $1300 on a toaster…I figured government regulations was the death sentence…what a shame

  4. Avatar for Kirsten Zimmerman says:

    I came to this website looking to buy an American made toaster too!
    Please let me know, I am willing to pay extra for a well designed, made and product that supports my country.
    Please keep me in mind should you start selling a two slice toaster,


  5. Avatar for Louise M. Slaten says:

    Why can’t I find a home size two-slice toaster made in the USA – with red on it?

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      The US made toaster is only available from a few companies; and mostly they are produced for commercial use. Maybe if we persist in asking for more American made product choices the manufacturers will hear us and produce the products we desire. If you find the “made in USA red toaster” let me know I will list it in our directory. At this time I will forward your comment to Hobart and Star Mfg.

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