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  1. Avatar for Tanner Golden says:

    Interesting situation going on at Ghurka these days. I just bought a number of items only to discover that some (one very expensive bag) was in fact made in China. Being made in China is not necessarily something that offends me deeply, but I do get very offended when a company advertises their luxury made/priced products as made in the USA, but actually makes them in China. Look, companies make things in China to save money. Where is the savings going if not into my pocket? Last I checked, the bag was priced just under 2 grand. I now see how it is, Ghurka makes a bag for $100 bucks all-in, slaps an almost 2k price on it and the consumer that thinks they are supporting American workers is actually paying for some Executive’s beach house.

    Gurka as it existed 40 years ago is dead, welcome to the new Ghurka where we falsely advertisa and act like it is no big deal. BTW, corporate thought that the made in china was no big deal…shrugged it off as a business decision of former owners.

    Business 101: How to kill a brand

  2. Don't be deceived by Ghurka (Not made in America)

    After purchasing two backpacks (Blazer 278 an Explorer 239) from Ghurka in December 2016 and January 2017, respectively, I discovered a “Made in China” tag in the innermost pocket. Upon contacting customer service at Ghurka, they informed me that they stood behind their products, and was sorry I was not pleased. At no point did they offer a remedy for their obviously fraudulent advertising. As an USAF Veteran, I strongly believe in purchasing American made products, and actively seek them out. Despite the disclaimer in the write-up above, Ghurka does not indicate the country of origin on the webpages associated with those products. In fact, it deliberately misstates that, “A short distance from the Norwalk Harbor in Connecticut, our skilled craftsmen hand make each Explorer No. 239”, right below the bag! When I pointed this out, Josephine at customer service merely dismissed it. I urge you to take great caution when dealing with this organization as they are unscrupulous. In an age of “alternative facts” it would be nice if people would just tell the truth.

  3. Avatar for Alex says:

    American made Ghurka bags and accessories

    Ghurka has so many awesome bags hard to mention them all. I started collecting them back in 1980 and never stopped adding more!

  4. Avatar for Loretta Acosta says:

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  5. Avatar for Prof. David M. Paisley (ret.) says:

    As a fan of Hunter S. Thompson, I admire the brilliant ads now being run in The New Yorker for their eye-catching association with the adventure of Ghurka bags. I would appreciate knowing if there is a collection of these that you might share with me.

    Thank you, and complimenti!

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