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7 Responses to Essick Air

  1. Avatar for Dorene Randall says:

    Please tell me where the following humidifiers are made:
    Mesa; Duet; Aurora mini; Nova; Ozark

    I will not buy anything but American made.

  2. Avatar for Ruth Fowler says:

    The Tabletop (E35000) is listed as made in the USA. Are the parts and components also made in the USA? How easy is it to maintain?

  3. Avatar for LePene says:

    If the parts and components were also made in the USA I would have purchased however this does not seem to be the case. You may put the pieces together in the USA but you probably buy all the parts from CHINA!!!!!!! I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA!

  4. Avatar for SUSIE says:

    Thank you for your website. I always try to buy made in USA. I bought this humidifier at Home Depot and love it. Easy easy easy. And pretty too. Actually has granite tile for top inlay. It has a remote, is on casters and a water fill door hidden in the front. Has lighted size readable humidity level indicator and shows you when it needs filling. Great console product for $169. Good job America. Definitely a 5 star purchase.

    • Avatar for SS says:

      What Brand?

      Could you please tell me the brand of the humidifier that is made in USA?

      • Avatar for stevemoss says:

        Hello Susie,
        Please go the their site and click on those humidifiers that have coverage larger than one room. Most seem to be built here in the USA. If your looking for a one room humidifier check out the Tabletop (E35000), it is built here in the USA also.

        Thanks for searching America 1st!

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