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7 Responses to Diabetic Sock Club

  1. Avatar for Lucille Theriault says:

    0 rating.

    I want to cancel my subscription, I have no need for them anymore. Please give me directions on how to cancel. I’m unable to access you by phone.

  2. Avatar for Katalin R.Baltimore says:

    Inability to speak to someone about problem extremely frustrating

    I ordered a total of 4 sets of socks, size 9-12. I received size 10-13. Following website directions, I returned the sock in early May. I just received the same exact box with the same exact content the second week of July. I have been unable to get through on the phone number listed, and am out a lot of money and no wearable socks. This is not a way to run a business–Covid-19 or not.

  3. Avatar for Barbara Gaffney says:

    Not responsive to e-mails.

    I have made several e-mails concerning the delivery of socks (order #10843). The 1 response I got was u had no record of that order. But u did manage to take out $30.98 from my account. I would like to return these socks because they are not comfortable around the calf of my leg. Please respond.

  4. Avatar for Barbara White says:

    Very poor quality socks

    I just ordered socks from the diabetic sock club, and found them to be of very poor quality. The first shipment was size small, and they were so small they wouldn’t fit over my feet, so I exchanged them for a medium, and they are so big they hang over my toes and bunch up at the heel, so there is no “correct” size. The material is very chintzy, the very first sock I put on had big balls of material that poked into my foot, and I had to try to cut these “balls” out. The seam at the toe is all uneven. Really, really poor quality, not even worth sending back again.

  5. Avatar for Sandra BUMGARNER says:

    I ordered diabetic socks and would like to return the merchandise I received. The socks were not what I expected and I was not aware a ordered pain cream, so would like to return order #16066 May I hear from you soon Thank you in advance

  6. Avatar for Adonagos Rael says:

    I recently received my fist order for diabetic socks (order number 2575) and they caused my legs to swell. Please cancel my membership n the club since I no longe4 wish to receive anymore socks. Thank you.

    • Avatar for Sam says:

      Hey Adonagos,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Please let us know if we can help with anything else or if you’d like to exchange for a different style with a looser top.

      Best Regards,

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