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2 Responses to Comal Tackle Co.

  1. Avatar for Terrance Blume says:

    to buy floats

    small shop use a lot of floats

  2. Avatar for Robert J. Wells says:


    I have been a fisherman for the last seventy-years here in Florida—fresh water and salt water. I don’t ‘catch n’ release,’ I am a ‘catch n eat’ guy. Fresh fish has been a main staple of mine forever it seems. My two best eats are fried mullet, and fish stew, with everything in it. And, of course some sour dough bread to soak up the broth.
    I write this blog, with some sadness, as I only recently discovered a fishing float that the Comal Tackle Company has had in stock since the mid-1970’s. It’s called the “Bottom Walker.”
    The family company owner at that time, Virgil, and his manager, Robert invented it. This fishing device changed me from ‘fishing’ to ‘catching.’ You must check it out.

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