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11 Responses to Charles Spresser

  1. Avatar for Jesse West says:

    I received a set of stag grips for my kimbe R solo and the screws that came with my grips are too short!

    • Avatar for charles spresser says:

      Hard to believe, I put every set I make on a pistol before shipping them out, and make each screw to fit each hole perfectly, but if you want will be glad to send you out longer screws, seems kinda silly to put it on here, when you have my email address and phone number on my card, if you have a problem, just call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar for Pamela Blackmon says:

    Best Around, Quality That Counts

    Charles is an honest dealer and does excellent work. He does his best to make sure his customers are satisfied. Don’t hesitate to buy from him. The grips I ordered in desert ironwood are stunning.

  3. Avatar for Franz Kratz says:


    I heard about you from my co-worker, he says that you might be willing to make some nice grip for my real antique Remington 1875 nickel pistol. I have the original grips that I could send to you to make them from. Do you work with Mother of Pearl?

    Thank you,

    • Avatar for charles spresser says:

      I don’t work with any real mother of pearl, and to make a set requires you send me
      the gun and the grips, I make all grips by hand and no way to make a set with just the
      grips for a pattern, I do have a FFL.

  4. I make them, they are $260 including shipping, if interested can send a pic of them

  5. Avatar for MARTY says:

    I have had several pairs of grips made by Charles, He is awesome, his grips are awesome. He hand fitted a Kimber Super Carry Pro HD with genuine ivory grips that are second to none. He has also done a Sig in Giraffe Bone that look great, several 1911 grips. Small shop, local, American owned, hand made with pride, excellent person, excellent product, excellent ethics, my hats off to him…… I have used in past and will use in future. Makes my collection one of a kind.

  6. Avatar for dean pack says:

    looking for buffalo pistol grips for a CZ 83- 380 cal semi auto?

  7. Avatar for J D says:

    I have a Bond Arms Defender, I’d like a set of plain genuine elephant ivory grips for my pistol.
    I plan to have them engraved in the future, just not at this time. First, can they be obtained and if so, may I get a ball park figure on the cost?


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