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5 Responses to Campbellsville Apparel Company, LLC.

  1. Avatar for Sean says:

    Post pics of product

    Hey, could you guys post pictures of your products? I’m looking to buy.

  2. Avatar for Jeffrey Savoie says:

    They no longer sell to the public

    They no longer sell to the public. Made me very sad

  3. Avatar for Richard Deininger says:

    Small hole in otherwise quality item.

    I recently purchased a 4 pack of your white men,s briefs at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida in their Post Exchange. They appear to be of high quality with a good fit. Unfortunately one pair has a hole in the front, about 1/2 inch across, and actually looks like a bullet went through it. No other damage. I can forward a photo or return the item for your inspection.

    • Avatar for Jeffrey Savoie says:

      It's been a while since I ordered, so they must hold up!

      I had a pair that had an imperfection and they sent me a new pair. Ordering again

  4. Avatar for Gene Keesler says:

    Why don’t you make coyote brown men’s underwear anymore?

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