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  1. Avatar for tyran paterson says:

    afternoon i am inquireing about your custom made magnets. i would like to know if i send a drawing if a sample could be made to the drawing. as there is nine of these that will be needed. could i know if if this small amount will be a problem.

    thanks tyran

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Tyran, We promote US made products here on the b4usa site; if you are looking for sample magnets to be manufactured by your specifications, you may wish to send the information to the AZ Industries email address listed above. Or you could call them (phone # also listed above) during their regular business hours.
      Thanks, for your interest in USA made products.

    • Tyran,
      We would love to take a look at your drawing. Depending on the material required and the complexity of your design we may be able to provide the samples at no charge to you. We generally have a $50.00 minimum order policy, but no order is to small. We can make one piece or 10,000 although the higher the quantity ordered the lower the piece price. We look forward to seeing your drawing. Our main phone # is 870-856-3041 feel free to contact us by phone Mark Miller Engineer) or Jim Adam (President) will be happy to answer ant questions you have.
      Our main email
      Thank You,

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