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2 Responses to All American Clothing Co.

  1. Avatar for Peggy Braun says:

    I am shopping for school uniforms for my three children. I buy American made only products, but when it comes to school uniforms, I can’t afford it. Unfortunately, the prices for American made are beyond my price range. I have three kids to clothe on a tight budget. Unless the prices are within range (and I’m sure there are a lot of parents who feel this way) there’s no way I can afford $27 for one pair of pants and $14 for a shirt – mutliple that 3 times (3 children) and again by 5 (days a week). Second hand shops just don’t have the volume, so unfortunately I have to resort to imported uniforms that are cheaper.

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Peggy, I agree with the assessment of your situation. Just remember the cost of loss of future jobs, lack of quality, and the lower pollution standards that are in the foreign countries that produce the clothing your children are wearing. You can help make a difference in your children’s future decisions on purchasing American made products. Also just think of how the American purchase can influence all of the other kids at your local school, it is a mindset we all need to instill into our future citizens. Even if you could buy just the shirts or the pants, and get only three of them and wash them in the middle of the week it can help.

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