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2 Responses to Akadema Inc.

  1. Avatar for stevemoss says:


    We had this information posted above in the Akadema information area: “The Custom made gloves are NOT US made; they are produced in China.” If you had visited our website and read the post you may have avoided the purchase of a Chinese made Ball Glove.

  2. Avatar for bruce says:

    i ordered two custom made gloves from of course one would think that since their gloves are American made, that you are going to get the same quality as they would make for their professional ball players, but this over priced custom glove has the tag “made in china”.
    Thanks for nothing Akadema–you can take your “made in America” crap and throw it as far as you can…

    to compare, i have a rawling, and a shoeless joe— at least shoeless joe is made in mexico..

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