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  1. Avatar for Deborah Jackson says:

    It would be nice to have a list of all the Made In America Companies, featured on ABC Nightly News.

  2. Avatar for B. Jorgensen says:

    Need the names on the screen!

    Love the reporting but please put the name of the company on the screen so we can copy it! You just saying it is not enough!

  3. Avatar for Cyndie Hogan says:

    Fantastic family owned company shipping candies around the world

    My made in America suggestion is Enstrums candies made in Grand Junction , Colorado.

  4. Avatar for Colleen Keranen says:

    My made in America story is getting a beautiful Christmas arrangement from Maui floral for my brother. My personal made in America story is making a gift basket for my parents from local farms.

  5. Avatar for Donna Prepejchal says:

    Deluxe Log Building Set

    I buy Roy Toy made in the USA for a child in need every Christmas. They are the classic “Lincoln Logs” of the past, a building set that enhances imagination and is Earth-friendly. http://www.roytoy.com

  6. Avatar for Frank Kalupa says:

    Now in their fourth year as a “made-in-America” internet-based fly-tying business, Mason and Palmer Kasprowicz launched Flies by Two Brothers when they were 11 and 12 years old with a mission to “save any and all profits for college.” They plan to study engineering.

    Their website, fliesbytwobrothers.com, points out “all flies are tied by our hands in Virginia.” The brothers are active members of their local chapter of Trout Unlimited, where they serve as co-chairs of the youth activities committee. They have started a fishing club at their high school and donate flies in support of the wounded veterans organization Casting for Recovery.

    Email:  fb2bemail@gmail.com

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