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  1. Avatar for Brad Swenson says:

    All the Interstate batteries that I see for sale are made in MEXICO!!!

    • Avatar for stevemoss says:

      Which batteries are you looking at; according to Interstate “approximately 98% of the automotive batteries Interstate sells are made in the USA”.
      Steve Moss

      • Avatar for mark says:

        All the ones sold in the US are made in Mexico and have been since Interstate was bought out by Johnson controls.

        • Avatar for stevemoss says:

          Where did you get this false information?
          Just called Johnson Controls Battery Division, Andy told me that all of the batteries except the OPTIMA® AGM are made in the USA.

  2. Avatar for Ray says:

    I accidentally registered a satisfaction rating of 6 and it should be a 10. I’ve placed Interstate Batteries in my family vehicles for over 12 years and I’ve come to rely on the reliability of automotive Interstate Batteries. I’d rather have a battery that will do what it’s supposed to do for it’s rated lifetime without failing than own one that’s guaranteed and repeatedly fails. I have friends who buy Wal-Mart batteries because they say they never last but they’re still in warranty. They continually get a new battery BUT they’re continually getting stranded. I don’t want to be stranded somewhere for any reason! I’ve only had one Interstate Battery fail and it was easily replaced. The warranty was honored without hassle. 10 stars!

  3. Avatar for Cleveland Battery says:

    Cleveland Battery features Interstate Batteries. Drop by and we will test your battery and alternator at no charge. We carry auto, marine, water sport, alarm system, heavy equipment and other battery applications as well. Our business hours are 8:00-6:00 Mon-Fri and 8:00-12:00 on Saturday. We also buy junk batteries for proper recycling.

  4. Avatar for Paul van Blom says:

    My suggestion to Interstate is; Do the same thing Sears did, Have Odyssey Build a line of AGM batteries and sell them for $19.00 less than Sears.
    I feel this is imperative for your future survival now that everyone is talking about AGM superiority over other types.


    Paul van Blom

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