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2 Responses to Crystal Cold

  1. Avatar for Larry Nett says:

    We have a remote cabin in Ontario. We purchased a Crystal Cold refrigerator Model No. CC15 in Thunder Bay, Ontario from a dealer in Thunder Bay. We purchased it in July 2013 and used it on weekends in the summer months. We have had continued problems with it shutting off randomly. We are now using it on a daily basis rather than just 2 or 3 days at a time and it shuts off continually every couple of days. Do you have any suggestions of what might be causing this and if so do you have parts that might fix it. Please respond as soon as possible as this has created a huge issue with us using our camp. The fridge has less than 6 months use on it in total. Thank you.

  2. Avatar for Steve Bjekich says:

    I live in Morris Il. And have remote cabin in Ontario. I am interested in the CC 15 propane fridge/freezer. Would it be possible for me to purchase, and pick up fridge at your store? Would be willing to travel to your store to work out details.

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